Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

December 31, 2008



I lift my glass to toast all my family & friends! You won't find me up past 11:00pm I am afraid . I will be safe here with Clay & Buster as we snuggled under a nice cozy comforter waiting for the sounds of celebrations in the dark night, and the sleep fairy to dust me with a good night slumber.... I Have so many things I want to accomplish in 2009, Tonight I will be dreaming of planting my garden in the spring, once the winter blanket of snow out there thaws. I will see visions of me gathering the eggs that my "dear sweet girls" lay each day. I will be a healthy farmgirl and a good wife, mother & grandmother. I want to be a thoughtful friend and will try to do that. I will have a whole new year of stories to share of our wonderful life here on our little one acre farm. So I clink my glass, toss confetti in the air, as I wish you a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, and may all your dreams come true. Cheers!

December 30, 2008

Where are they...

Where are they when you need them? The Cleaning Crew I mean.. It's almost noon. I am looking around at this great home of ours and see such a bunch of clutter. I think maybe since Christmas is over and it is the almost the beginning of a New Year and to me that means "Clean up" ~"Pack Away" and "Redecorate."
It is so pretty outside today, our blue sky is cloud free and the sun is shining, it must be warmer than was predicted, the thermometer says nearly 50 right here in the sun. I have actually opened the front door to invite the fresh air inside. I am looking for those "cleaning elves" but only finding "dust bunnies".
The front porch is finally cleared of the snow, Thanks to my ambitious husband. (I am sure he felt this was good exercise, and it needed doing.) There is something nice about good fresh clean air and cleaning.
I really do not know where to start as I keep wandering back to this sunny spot by the computer. I did vacuum the carpet ands swept the kitchen floor. I see a few spots I should mop up but lacking motivation and the sun is so pretty shining on the glistening snow. The birds are flying into their "lunch counter" again thanks to the husband. Buster has decided to come in from his morning "look about" checking his favorite holes & shrubs incase another critter has invaded his space. He has now taken up his favorite spot in the big brown chair next to the window, overseeing any activity around bird feeder.
I really need to get a move on .. yes, I know there are lots of things to be done...But the sun is so pretty shining on the glistening snow.....maybe I will sit here for only a few minutes longer and just watch the snow melt off the roof, and maybe those "elves " are eating lunch.

December 29, 2008

The "Start eating healthy Plan"

Okay, we have had enough cookies, candy, and snack foods. I wanted to start planning our dinner meals by a weekly menu plan. Often Clay & I just decide on a whim of what to prepare for dinner. We both enjoy cooking and trying new spices & sauces. We tend to over indulge but Clay got bombarded with great gifts on Christmas with fabulous spices, rubs & BBQ sauce recipes. Thanks everyone!

I plan to make every effort to cook healthy and try my best to stick to a plan. We need to eat more fish and I just happen to have a nice fillet of Cod in the freezer. After looking through about 6 cookbooks and gleaning bits of recipes I think I have it. We have eaten some of the best vegetables from our garden and taking a freezer inventory I am now aware that I did not freeze enough corn. *putting that on my garden seed list for this year* As I rummaged deeper, to my surprise I find some sugar snap peas so that will be accompaning the cod. I think perhaps I can add a wedge of lettuce with some fresh homemade French dressing to the plate as well. I better pop a jar of canned pears in the refrig to chill for dessert. Where did I put those shortbread cookies mom made? You didn't expect me to Not have something sweet did you?

December 28, 2008

Another Blog site

Well it's done...I added another blogsite today where I will be selling my Country Prims and Barnyard creations.
They are all hand made by me with vintage cloth, lace, buttons & other salvaged notions. I design my own patterns and each is created with love.
Feel free to drop by for a visit at anytime and leave me a comment or even make a purchase.

No question It's Winter in K- Falls

Snow, Snow,and more Snow predicted here today and the remainder of the week. We are looking out the window at the at the snow accumulation on our front porch. We cannot get out the front door.
Our driveway has been plowed a couple times and it will need it again I am sure by the end of the week. We will start shoveling off the porch first thing. It is begining to thaw so it will be really heavy . I wonder if we should make an appointment with a chiropractor first?

December 27, 2008

Home again

We made it home today. We really enjoyed our time with Family and Friends in Oregon & Washington. Feels Like we were gone a long time.. We really do not mind the travel or the snow. Lucky as It is snowing still here and we have about 2 and 1/2 feet on the front porch. Tomorrow that will be number 1 project to get it shoveled off.
Buster was very well taken care of and was excited to see us return. Jackie and Steve were very kind to house him over the Holidays. Thanks again guys.
Now comes the fun of putting all our gifts away as I spend time really looking over what everyone graciously and generously gave us. It will take a few days to put everything away, like the tree and some of the decorations. Thank you all for having us visit and we will toast you from our porch New Years Eve..

December 26, 2008

The Big day is Over

The presents are unwrapped and the remaining Christmas ham is ready to be made into soup. We have had a fabulous time with family and friends here in Washiongton. Nancy in Monroe and Stephanie in Sultan were tied as Equally Horrible where weather conditions & SNOW topped over 2 feet in the driveways to say nothing of the roads to get to see them. It was still snowing yesterday morning in West Seattle. Sister Karen's drive way won over all Hard to get into & out of as those nasy ruts really gave us a thrilling ride.

We hear word that it is better in Portland as those roads held the first challenge getting up here in Washington over Ice and chain required roads. But those memories are tucked away as we have our bags packed and we look forward to more driving in the snow, rain, and slushy cold roads. Today we're headed south back on the road towards home.

Buster is waiting for our return and even as we love being away .. there is a great place called HOME.

December 22, 2008

Lots of Snow along the way

Over the river & through the woods... A sample of weather conditions on our way to Seattle from our house. We
stopped a couple times to clear off the wiperblades. We arrived at Mom's and luckily had our snow shovel with us because we couldn't get to her front door. The weather warnin has been lifted for today with another storm coming Wednesday when we will drive North .. but I don't think to the Pole..Santa will find us I am sure.

December 18, 2008

Only one week before Christmas!

The sleigh is being made ready to go
and it's begining to once again snow.
All packages are not wrapped in paper & bows,
There are only few last minute shopping woes.
The stocking stuffers are last things to buy
We will be on the road by noon if we really try.
Our Families will be waiting for us to suddenly appear
over the many slippery miles of highways we must carefully steer.
With Santa Clay as the more experienced driver it is clear
I must try my best not to nag the "dear"
So slipping a relaxer or two into my bag with hopes that tomorrow's travel
will glide us safely and our nerves will not unravel.
With our dog Buster sitting beside me, waiting to get out,
we will give a big wave and a loud shout,
and as we drive out of sight
we will be wishing a "Merry Christmas to All
and to all Good Night!"

December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Clay

Today is Clay's Birthday!
Did you know that Today December 17, back in 1903 the
First airplane flew near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina?
Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight in history of a self-propelled, heavier-than-air aircraft. Orville piloted the gasoline-powered, propeller-driven biplane, which stayed aloft for 12 seconds and covered 120 feet on its inaugural flight.
I don't know why, but Clay reminds me of this every year!
Although we do not celebrate big time for his birthday we will be going out to dinner tonight and possibly by the bakery for a birthday cake and German Chocolate is one of his favorites.
On Monday in Seattle we will celebrate again as we atttend the mainstage at Triple Door with dinner and show with family.
He really is not hard to buy pressies for as his interests are many. (I can't wait to see how how he likes his Christmas present.) I seem to always gravitate towards clothing he might need for Christmas get togethers. This year I got him a nice sweater vest and a pullover sweater and to my delght, they both fit him nicely so I don't need to return or exchange them.

December 15, 2008

Now ready For Adoption

Born: 12/15/08

In the K-Falls Korral at Blue Sky Farm.
Our mom "Star" is moving to Washington to a lovely pasture and we cannot go, but We are too Precious to stay at the Korral. Our travel expences are included in the adoption if we are going to a MJ Farmgirl. Notify our owner k-fallsfarmgirl.

Well look here who came to sit on the couch with the sheep. It's Lady Jewel the hen. She wants a new home too....

Hi, My name is "Midnight

You can adopt me for $14.99

I am ...15"x 10" Big

Hi, My name is "Lydia Belle"

You can adopt me for $14.99

I am 15"x10" Big

Hi My name is "Lady Jewel"

You can adopt me for $14.99

I am 15"x15" Big

December 14, 2008

My very first pair

All I wanted for Christmas was a pair of Gingher pinking shears.. Really, That's it....well I'd like a new bathrobe too...and a pair of warm slippers (hint) or maybe even a gift card for Jo Anns or Michael's would be appreciated!

I have never had such a nice pair in all my years sewing. I told my husband he could get those for me.. Well he has no idea what I am talking about, and he really doesnt want to be in a fabric store. I know he would feel differently if we were in a hardware store. Today, while we were out looking for "guy appropriate things" like de-icer for the driveway. I drug him once more to JoAnns and he actually came in the store to see what I wanted him to get me. First I had to intice him to see that they were 50% off on the ad today. Like a man in a hurry to leave, he looked at the display of ALL those brands of scissors and picked up a blue pair that were nice looking with padded handles for only $12.99. "You want a $45 dollar pair of SCISSORS?" This is where I reminded him 1/2 off....and without pouting and not wanting to look snobby ...and ungrateful, still thinking, I really wanted Ginhers, when he smiled & said "go ahead get the ones you want" So here they are.. I plan to start cutting today as I lounge around watching the snow fall. I have yards of fabric to play with so I may be here at the cutting counter awhile. I promised to polish them after I use them & tuck them into my Christmas Stocking......

If you are outside today, where ever you live... bundle up and stay warm.. it's Winter out there...

December 13, 2008

"Star" is born... a Primitive Sheep that is....

Now that I have time to play, I thought I would try my hand at making a Prim-Sheep. I made a practice one from muslin and used a permanent marker to make the design on the body. I have to do some hand sewing to complete that one. Then I drug out an old white chenille bedspread and started cutting. I think I will give her to my mom...she might even let like her laying on her bed. I named her "Star". Yes, I know I have finished with Christmas
I will keep or sell the muslin one. It only took me about an hour to complete the two of them so it could be fun to make & sell them. Maybe, I will open an Etsy account... I wonder if mom counts sheep at night to fall asleep...she might like a flock...

"Just Ducky, Doves in a row"

Yep, got my "ducks" in row.. actually we don't have ducks.. (not yet anyways) but these Mourning doves are all lined up this morning, I think they are waiting for some fresh food in their feeding dish, that is completely covered with snow. We woke to about 3 inches of snow this morning and we are expecting more during the day. The wind is blowing this cold accumulation around a bit and yet these birdies seem to be happy to sit on the snowy fence.

Well, I am not sitting on the fence I am completely finished with my shopping and Santa & I will be gathering our fruits of summer labor and misc. packages, loading up the (Explorer) Sleigh to work our way north to Washington on Friday. We are hoping the passes are not too bad, and that those snowplowing elves are ahead of the game. I must admit it is pretty out there, as I sit warm and cozy in here.... I am sure Mother Nature has her own winter plan and her Ducks, Doves and Deer are in a row...

December 12, 2008

Where is the Partrige?

The 12 days of Christmas begin today but I doubt my true love is waiting for a partridge in a pear tree this year. What I do know is that it is snowing and the birdies around the feeder are nowhere to be seen or heard. I assume they are all snug in their nests trying to keep dry.
It is raining and it is turning to snow. I carefully drove home from the Thrift store before it really started snowing. I found a small Santa dish and a really cool basket along with a 1993 Leisure Arts magazine with a pattern for a red & white work sampler and a pattern for a heart quilt (I'm thinking I now will have a couple more projects to work on as winter settles in here at BlueSky Farm.) I hope you all bundle up & stay warm....I think its time for a hot cup of tea...and lets see how does that song go?.."On the first day of Christmas, My true love gave to la lalala llala and a partrige in a pear tree.

December 11, 2008

A few snips of juniper

I cut some sprigs of our juniper trees this morning and had some fun
spreading bits of Cheer around my kitchen. Just a snip & some ribbon was all it took and a small tin envelope spelling "Peace" hangs
over my stove now and the smell of juniper is in the air. It took so little to make this farmgirl happy.

There's no place like home...

“There’s no place like home”

It’s Christmas time and I think of being at home. My visions are of family together eating & playing games.
The decorated Christmas tree and a warm burning fire with stockings hung neatly waiting to be filled with special trinkets and candy canes, chocolate Santa’s and nuts to crack later. Listening to Carols and sipping cups of cheer. Watching snow flakes fall softly on the the cold ground leaving sparkles of shining glitter and thinking thoughts of the blessings of the past year. Ah, there is no place like home….
In my world Home is a comfortable place. I know it is not so for some and it is sad that “those “people have memories not as pleasant as mine. Those less fortunate homes were shadowed with abuse and alcohol stories we would rather not hear. Still some have some memories if they search deep within their souls of a childhood Christmas memory one they can hold dear. ..and some can’t reach that deep without pain.
“Going home” has a meaning different to so many too.
For those who have a belief of a religious nature “Home” is going to be with their maker, or meeting family and friends waiting at those pearly gates who have gone before them.
For the men & women who are serving our country it is a sacrifice to be “away from home” while keeping our homes safe from our enemies & terrorists around the world. Please pray for them and their families waiting “at home” for their safe return.
Some years we travel to be “at home” with loved ones and we travel far & near, while our thoughts turn to those we cannot reach to wish them well, we bring out the Christmas card list and sign it with wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
With all these perspective thoughts I share quietly sitting at my kitchen table, I can’t help but want to put on my Dorothy Shoes and click them three times and declare to myself in the comfort of my home … “there’s no place like home.

December 10, 2008

"Christmas won't be Christmas without presents"

I was thinking today, about Jo March in "Little Women". Remember, she was grumbling about not having any money for presents?
Christms is about gifts, always has been. This year I decided I would not over do but make gifts for my family. (actually it was a decision brought on by one of my daughters & son's discussions with me on the economy and how it was effecting us.)
We convinced the youngest daughter to go along with our idea of making or purchasing gifts from a thrift store. She really didn't like the idea because in her mind she had already had an idea for gifts. After talking to her about her gift idea It was revealed that she unconsiously had already decided on an economical alternative to buying gifts. Funny we sometimes can't see the forest through the christmas trees.
Every year I remember Christmas with memories of Christmas's past. I try to reconstruct some childhood magic, it becomes overwhelming I suppose at times, but somehow Christmas comes and goes with a blink of the eye. All the preparation of making a christmas cardlist, spending money on postage and then always forgetting somebody, gift making and wrapping, baking tons of cookies and candy adding more pounds to my butt, to say nothing of the recipes that do not turn out looking just like Martha's. Decorating the house inside & out. Replacing burned out light bulbs can be a full time job as we continue to get caught up in the Christmas chaos.
Oh yes, Christmas is all about gifts. Gifts that surprise, gifts that delight, gifts that nurture the souls of us the giver and those receiving. Perfect gifts, authentic gifts, recycled gifts and gifts we push into those cute christmas stockings we hang up each year.

And just when we are absolutely sick of Christmas the after-Christmas sales start when I can purchase next years gift wrap, cards and holiday decorations at 1/2 price. If I don't have something for everyone on my list by now there is always Ebay and my sewing machine is still set up....or I can stoop to buying a gift card... I wonder is it too late to request a gym membership or if I should have a hot buttered rum and just listen to some Christmas music? Let me think about it for awhile....I still have 15 days til Christmas.

December 9, 2008

A beautiful ending

The day is almost over, and I am tired.
I was getting ready to turn on the outside Christmas lights when I looked outside to see this beautiful sunset. It is cold out 28 right now, and its going to get colder before morning..
I found a message in this tells me that I have had a long day, I made another batch of carmels, and also some carmel corn. Dressed my jam jars with pretty red calico covers. Wrapped some jerky, gathered and folded 2 dryer loads of clothes, it is time for rest. Don't ya think? Now I wonder what I can fix for an easy dinner.....and where is my MaryJane magazine?

A challenge

I came across this quote today by a women I find extremely inspirational.
I don't often express to others my private thoughts about some things that I think about in my quiet time, I think it is because I don't sometimes have the courage to say what is important to me, for fear of being laughed at or perhaps not taken seriously by some, or perhaps even criticized, I do not really know why but today I felt compelled to speak out.
I think it says volumes about women who are returning to their roots, who are ready to take the first steps to living their dreams. I think we all have what it takes, its just a matter of believing it.
I challenge all my sisters to stretch their minds and think about this too.
" One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest." ....Maya Angelo

December 8, 2008

1,2,3...Christmas Lights on ...

Here the house is all lit up.
Red & white lights all around.
No snow yet but it sure will be pretty when we get it. Supposedly next week...Let it snow!

Annie and Betsy

Here are my girls... Annie & Betsy, Chrismas would not be complete without them sitting patiently waiting to have their pictures taken with "the jolly old man himself...that would be Santa.

They always leave him cookies & milk too.

It looks like Christmas.....but no snow yet!

Purchased a few gift tins at Goodwill yesterday for candy and we worked on more Christmas decorating. The front porch and livingroom are done.
Continued working on the outside lights, they are up and working. I will post a picture later. We put them up Saturday, came home from a local play in the evening to find them off. They had burned & melted a socket outlet. We were lucky the house was still standing. We think there was too much pull on the light circut we had them plugged into. Won't do that again. Replaced light bulbs which could become a full time job, with these old strings of lights, but we wont let it be a problem. After this year the artifical tree and strings of lights will be discarded and new stuff purchased next year. You can only use these things so long, they have been packed away & stored, unpacked too many times.
Clay's brother & his wife came down from Camp Sherman for a visit overnight and we managed to complete the project again and the lights look really good & work fine now.
This morning we drove over to the Running Y Resort and had breakfast with them at Gallaghers Cafe. We toured the Resort and drove around the area before coming home. A nice visit & drive.
I will work on my quilt project this afternoon for a while and wrap a few gifts and make some more carmels... I must hide these better....

December 6, 2008

Crater Lake, Birds, & Barn Photo shoot

We did infact take that drive up to Crater Lake yesterday. It is only 54 miles from our house. It was a beautiful sunny day here, although cold , I think it was 19degrees this morning and so far no snow here and not a lot of snow up there. Well, not as much as there will be in a few more weeks. The Lodge is closed and the restaraunt but the information center and the cafe & gift shop are open year round. The lodge was first opened in 1915 but renovated in the 1990's.
Crater Lake was created after Mt. Mazama errupted in 7,000 years ago. The volcano collapsed to form Crater Lake. If you could gather up the ash from Mt Mazama's catastrophic eruption and spread it evenly across the state of Oregon it would form a layer 8 inches thick.
Buster loved playing in the snow and had to "sniff "every tree and explore a lot of holes. He chased snowballs & provided quite a bit of entertainment for us. I tried several times to get a photo of him but he was on the move to quickly. Here I managed to get a quick shot before he took off after a chipmunk.
I am trying to find some great barns to photo so I can make a gallery of old barns on the family room walls. This one had to be captured.

and leaving the National Park , we got a few shots at a couple Clark Nut Crackers

December 5, 2008

Our schedule is full....

Clay & I went to the cinema late yesterday afternoon, This was our first trip to the theater here in K-Falls.
We were surprised at how many people were in attendance, big for our small town. The theater is named "Pelican Cinema 10 "
White Pelicans habitate here, and many businesses are using "Pelican" in their trade names.
We saw "Australia" with Nicole Kidman and good looking Hugh Jackman. A very good movie. After filling up on popcorn & soda pop * (you know you gotta have it when you go to the movies ) so we ate a late dinner when were got home. A really good chili verde that Clay made yesterday morning. We have enough to freeze today with the Turkey Noodle soup I made earlier. Stocking the freezer some more.
I have been baking, cooking, drying so much food that I am actually closing the kitchen this weekend. A new restaraunt has openned in town and We are going to check it out tomorrow night. We have tickets to a play by the Linkville Players, a local troupe also tomorrow night.
Clay & I wanted to take a drive up to Crater Lake to checkout the snow too, so we will relax & play for the next couple days.

December 4, 2008

Back in the kitchen

Here I am again making beef jerky. I seem to be living here a lot of hours. I do plan to mix up some sugar cookie dough today and hopefully get them baked sometime before I go to bed. It is really pretty outside my kitchen window again this morning but the tempature is Cold only 19 degrees.
I am sitting here in my flannel pajamas drinking my last cup of coffee where it is cozy & warm. The aroma of the jerky is really filling up the house. I made a spicy batch and a sweeter one this time. I will get out some more decorations & start bringing a bit of Christmas spirit into the house, I lit some candles last night & with the tree lit it was nice & cozy. We are going away for Christmas so I wont decorate as I usually do. My friend Carol from "Curly Willow Ranch" see her blogsite , she is a follower of mine... gave me some ideas to use some of my rosemary plant. I will give that a try too..and the ginger plant....
Just keeping busy is not a problem for me. By the end of the day I feel I have accomplished a lot and look forward to other projects to do. Never bored for sure..and seems like I always have something fun to do.

December 3, 2008

Foggy this morning and cold

Brrrr! 28 degrees and really Foggy. No Birdies at the feeder yet...
I am working on my quilt project this morning and make some more French Salad dressing. Maybe get to a fudge recipe....

I moved the sewing machine into the kitchen.
Much more light and close to the carmels. Not really, I hid them and put some in a few gifts to family...(Nancy I don't think I put any in yours.).. but the coffee pot is in here and I can see outside watch the birdies and any wandering deer.
I have candles burning and it really smells nice inhere too.

I have 1/2 of my quilt project finished. It is going to be a tote to carry & store my quilt cutting matt & all of my rulers. I wanted to do a runner, and now that I have made 6 different blocks I can do that. This class was a beginners class and I did learn a few short cuts. I will be machine quilting the tote. Classes are Monday's. We will put it together & finish up the 15th of Dec.
I probably would not have done this project, but I did learn how to cut with a roller cutter and a new block each week. The class was only $35 but the supplies I did not have are adding up..
I need to go to Joann's and use a dicount coupon for some tacky fabric adhesive before I finish.
Perhaps that will be a trip to town today later....

December 2, 2008

Spirit of giving...

So I am making carmels from the Mary Jane recipe, I hear this really loud twittering & chirping outside my kitchen window, of course I can't see what's going on, I can't leave the candy boiling because its nearly up to temp. Finally get it poured into the pan to cool. I walk over to the window with a spoon full of Hot carmel, blowing on it to cool it enough to taste..( well I had to see if it would make the grade) Of course it is does, it's delicious!
I look outside and there are about 15 birdies: sparrows, house wrens, a starling & a pretty blue scrub jay all battling over the seed feeder. Now I am thinking.. " it is a beautiful day today, can't these birdies find their own food?" That's a silly comment. They have found their own food at my window. No wonder we go through so much bird seed daily. I will take a picture.. and of course they fly away, only to return shortly a few at a time. I tiptoe to the window to get this photo.
They are pretty and I would miss them if they were not here.

The carmels are almost ready to cut and wrap, but I must take a photo of them too. (just in case, They don't make it to the holiday gift packs, I will have documentation of my efforts.) Now where is that recipe for fudge? I figure I will share the seeds & candy in the "spirit of giving". Enjoy your seeds, little birdies..and you know what? This candy is gooood!

December 1, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well it is Monday.. Just finished laundry, and cleaning the shower stall.
I have turkey bones simmering for soup. We will freeze it. Fish for dinner tonight per request from Clay..he is on the way to the market, and post office. Mailing out Christmas gifts and MJ winners parcels! I have Quilt class at 1:30-4:30 so the day will quickly fly today.
I want to make some more carmels this evening too. I want to take a batch with us to Washington for christmas, and figure if I make something sweet every other day I will be bearing great gifts to drop off as we stop at family and friends along our route.
Ho Ho Ho...
I am taking Clay to a Dinner Theater in Seattle for his birthday, at the mainstage of Triple door. Purchased the tickets last night. My sister and her husband will accompany us. Should be fun.
Clay's birthday is the 17th and the dinner will be the 22nd. He is going to really enjoy this treat.
It will not be a surprise but he is happy about the choice I made.