Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

May 29, 2012

Planting what where?

Potatoes under straw
 Today the temperature hit 70 with no the forecast  and no frost... Warmer days to continue for at least a week so I decided to plant the potatoes. Our soil is not the best but  potatoes seem to thrive. we have amended it with topsoil, straw, and horse manure and compost.  It still appears to have  lots of  I am trying something new this year with re: the potatoes.  I have read potatoes can be planted in straw... so after  preparing the ground with two 35ft rows one for of Yukon Gold and one Red Pontiac and placing seed potatoes in the shallow trench I covered them with a bit of soil and  then several inches of straw...As the potatoes grow through the straw I will pile on more until the plants are 2 feet tall.. making sure they are not pushing potatoes to be exposed to the sun, as this causes them to turn green and that is not good..
 Next  the rows have been laid out for my beans, peas, broccoli, beets and peas.. Now I know Carrots love tomatoes and those will be planted as soon as there is no threat of frost..( I have 8 heirloom plants in the garage ready to set out) along with started spicy peppers..for salsa and sunflowers for the birds. Today was day one  and I think its going to be a good year..I know I need to pace myself and do a bit each day.. my allergies are  awful this tomorrow morning I'll try to get an early start...

May 28, 2012

Buster isn't happy

Hi... Buster here... I am not happy about these  new duck things.. They squeak like my toy .. and it confuses me.. I am allowed to play with the toy, but those other two .. well, they are a "Don't touch item".  My mom and dad are driving me nuts moving them from place to place.. Finally  they live under the back porch deck.. I have to sit inside the patio door and  look at them..

They get to swim in a  kiddie pool and  it looks  like they are having such a good  time..Just look at them down there... I can swim....I sure wish I could play with them..Dad calls them  "Running  ducks". I don't think they have real names yet like I do.... I like to run too.... but mom and dad think I might play too rough and (eat  them).. accidentally of course... 

I guess I have to wait until they get bigger.. Moms  says then they can keep me in line...
I do think it will be fun... but right now ..This puppy is taking 2nd place to these newbies.. and I don't think I like it... but Come back in a couple weeks I might have a better story..

May 26, 2012

The long awaited Garden Shed

We finally got  started on the garden shed. I have been browsing garden magazines and clipping things I like for awhile.  The chicken coop is in the back corner of the yard  and there was just enough room to plot the space. Thanks to the expertise  help from  my brother in law  9 days of labor and decisions, many trips to Home depot  The finished project  come to its view. All we need now is some trim, shutters, and paint to match the  house.  We will extend the chicken yard to the lawn under the window and then I will re-post the truly finished Garden shed.


 I wish the weather would snap out of this funky Spring Season and so I can plant the garden. I will  be happy to spend time out here in the sunshine and watch my garden grow.
Come back  when you can and thanks for popping in today.

May 18, 2012

 The ducklings had their first swim today.. In the bathtub.. They were hesitant at first then decided What fun!.. Will post more as they grow.. They will be moved to the pond after we graduate them to a "kiddie pool"in a couple weeks...

May 16, 2012

"Let the gardening begin."...

Our neighbor Rick has come for the third year to rototiller our garden space. This year was no exception Thank you Rick! The space is 55x25 and if the weather continues to be warm and no rain he will return in a couple days to till  the space a couple more times. That done I can plant my seeds,sunflowers, onion sets and potatoes. Hopefully next week..

The flower beds also will be planted this weekend with these petunias and I have already planted the back porch planter with strawberries. So I say "Let the gardening begin"...Its nap time now..and  all I did was watch and photo the tilling.. I know I need to rest up...My allergies are bothering me a bit  but, once planting begins it will take a full day...

May 14, 2012

Look whats growing now.

I Have the perfect place to start my plants and grow herbs right in my kitchen.. with  basil, leaf lettuce parsley and thyme. How hand is that?
I have sunflower seeds  started in another window too border the garden when its ready to plant.. Hopefully tomorrow it will be tilled and ready for a few seeds.. My friend Leslie has started a few heirloom tomato plants and they are thriving in her greenhouse. I am anxious to get them planted ..(hoping the last frost has been here and gone.) We just picked up a pickup load of compost to add to the garden before its tilled.. In the mean time I am planning the layout and waiting for the neighbor to come till.   Here is are the latest pictures of the "Blue Sky critters... Buster  making sure the "girls" dont get more treats than he does..

and see how big the ducks are getting?  Soon They will be moving outside and hopefully they will love the pond. They are swimming in a large Rubber maid tote in their pen in the garage.. They are so cute. They have been named Blabber and Snooper by Clay...

This was the sunset last night from out  back deck.. A very nice sight to see at the end of a hard day, dont you think?
 Come back often to see  the progress  and growth here on Blue Sky Farm.. Enjoy your day.

May 11, 2012

Great thrift purchases

Spent the day yesterday with my friend Leslie and we really enjoyed the day thrift shopping and lunch. I found a few great pieces.  This chalk board made re-purposed  from a wood TV tray caught my eye and  yelled for me to bring it home..
 as did the cute towel hook and the wire organizer for my bathroom. I may move the chalk board to the garden shed when it is completed or make one  myself..
Will definitely go out again  "shopping for those perfect garden items to use and decorate with"  on the shed.  I am hoping it will be completed next weekend as the weather here is showing warm 70-80 degrees and no frost or rain... Yay! I will be posting more pictures of the shed progress soon.

May 8, 2012

A Garden/Storage Shed in the making

We have started a major project .... A garden/storage shed. With the help of my brother in law Clay and he has spent 4 days in this great weather building.. I will be happy to see it finished as will Clay as his back has been really bothering him. I have a few pictures to show the progress.  The finished building will be 10 X12 ft.. and 8 ft high. We have not designed the door , other than it will be 4 ft. wide.
The great window  will provide sunlight to my plants as I start them there before transplanting them to the veggie garden... A lot of work goes into a project of this size.

I Can't wait to decorate it...

May 2, 2012

We have been  busy unloading a  lot of "Composting Crap" for the garden . Getting it ready to plant in a month or so... Its hard work but so rewarding when the garden is planted and producing. Thanks to friends  for loading it up in our truck.  Some of my plants are started and the seeds packets are calling me to get them started too.... Now if the weather will stay nice it would be a blessing... Put on your "Shitkickers" and come help if you have nothing else to do...(  yeah I said that!)

May 1, 2012

Here are the newest additions to the Blue Sky Farm. Aren't they adorable? We were in the Feed store  the other day and we just couldn't leave without bringing  them home with us...
We dont  know if we have female or male ducks yet.. but they will be great to have on the property. They will love the pond. They are quite  interesting fowl.. They do not fly very well and will not be low riders.. They actually walk like a penguin... when bigger standing erect.. Supposed to be great pets and  layers. Yes! Duck eggs are good.. Heres  what they will look like when mature.  Buster will be  happy to have some more critters to herd. I think they will be fun to have around keeping our insect population under control as well.