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May 26, 2012

The long awaited Garden Shed

We finally got  started on the garden shed. I have been browsing garden magazines and clipping things I like for awhile.  The chicken coop is in the back corner of the yard  and there was just enough room to plot the space. Thanks to the expertise  help from  my brother in law  9 days of labor and decisions, many trips to Home depot  The finished project  come to its view. All we need now is some trim, shutters, and paint to match the  house.  We will extend the chicken yard to the lawn under the window and then I will re-post the truly finished Garden shed.


 I wish the weather would snap out of this funky Spring Season and so I can plant the garden. I will  be happy to spend time out here in the sunshine and watch my garden grow.
Come back  when you can and thanks for popping in today.


Marla and Steve said...

That's a lot of work but it looks great. Steve loves our shed - I think it's having room for the yard tools and toys without taking up garage space. We had to add gutters last year because the roof runoff caused some wicking (that's how it was described to me) causing a bit of mold. That was easily taken care of since we caught the problem early and wish we'd put them on to begin with.

A Quiet Corner said...

You should have a "shed raising party!"...hope you get to garden soon!...:)JP

Junebug said...

You are going to love that shed and all the storage. I can't wait to see how you decorate it. I know it will be more then just a shed!!!

I hope you are enjoying this Memorial Weekend. I'm off glamping in 4 days, so busy getting ready. Take care dear friend!

Ula Heximer said...

Your garden shed looks terrific! I love its simplicity. Just a reminder: maintain a regular inspection on your shed as it is wooden; it's a likely target for the termites. Anyway, I hope you'll have a good time gardening that pretty spacious lot. =)

Shona Martinez said...

Have you planted on your garden now? You’ve probably used the garden shed quite a bit! The design of the garden shed adds a natural aesthetic to any garden. Good thing you have a simple, yet beautiful one! Who thought of its design?