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January 7, 2009

Durch Ovens old & new

Old 1870 ~ New 2009

I always wanted a Dutch Oven and now with so many new models and prices. I had quite a decision to make and I was unaware of the history until I started researching. I used to have a old cast iron pot for roasting meats & cooking stews. Where it disappeared to I have no idea. After Christmas, I decided to purchase a new one and found this one with my name written allover it. The price was still a bit heafty but I love the color and now I can better prepare soups, chilies, stews and roast, chicken, any meat I choose. Not that I did not do this before. It is just nice to have new appliances & cookware don't you think? I think it makes me feel like a great cook, special & to be honest , it kinda puts a "me in the mood" to cook that is...& I am sure my recipes will taste even better. I did noticed Emeril and Paula Dean, Rachel Ray all have these pots and look what great cooks they must be the pots they use and I now have one so I can put on my apron and get started creating some terrific meals.
I'd like to share some things I learned about Dutch Ovens. Did you know:
No one knows for sure where the name 'Dutch Oven' originated. Some speculate it came from Dutch settlers in Pennsylvania who used and sold the ovens. Others think it may have originate from the cast-iron sand mold casting method used by the Dutch.

Today, a century and a half after their appearance, Dutch ovens are being used more than ever.
and this was quite interesting to know,
Utahns own more Dutch Ovens per capita than any other state. Nearly every county fair and city celebration features a Dutch Oven Cookoff or demonstration of some kind.
In fact, the Utah Legislature named the Dutch Oven Utah's official "State Cooking Pot" in 1997!

Now if I can just decide what to cook in it. Stew, soup, chili or a nice beef roast? It is so pretty I hate to get it dirty but if I know you are coming for dinner I will take it off the dispay shelf.