Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

February 12, 2010

On Vacation for a couple weeks

Hello everyone,
I will be back to blogging March 1st. Headed to visit my family and friends in Washington.
Keep warm, safe and busy....

More Farmgirl fun....Today

Today is our Mary Jane Farmgirls Monthly Meeting. We have all made cookies or cupcakes to give to our Local Women & childrens shelter. We meet once a month as I have said before on  this blog. We laugh & share what we are interesed in and talents we have to share.We are quickly approaching  a new membership number of 12 chicks.  Thats a lot of Clucking  going on...and You know that Being a  Farmgirl is a "condition of the heart". We don't all have farms, or ranches or animals, chickens, or gardens but we do love living the country life and doing what we can to live that life as organic and sustainable as possible.  We share interests of shoppng for antiques, thrifting, recycle and sew, cooking,  scrapbooks, quilts and gardens, raising  chickens, & farm animals, fish & even camp. Our hens ages range from 30 something to 74! I have a link on the side bar to our chapter. Klamath Falls Charming Chicks. Basically we like to get together to have "girl fun" and are growing close as you know how we farmgirls friendships can evolve. Since I am the "Mother Hen" of the group after starting it early last Spring, Today I am going to give each of my "Chickie Friends" a special Valentine treat of cookies & choclates. ( who can't resist that?".) all wrapped up in these cute bags. We have also drawn "secret sister names" so today there could be some more Valentine Surprises unfolded. I love my farmgirl friends. If you think you are a "farmgirl at heart". Go to Mary Janes site ( also linked in my side bar) and check out a chapter near you. We do have One Heck of a lot of fun and chapters are open in every state.
Oh my! it's getting late & I have to get the vacuum put away, clean the bathroom..& put the coffee pot on before the chickies start to arrive... Happy Valentines to all of You!  &  Happy Trails!


February 10, 2010

The lost art of Line Drying

Here my clothes line is waiting....Oh how I wish it was warmer, I love to hang my laundry outside to dry. I asked Clay to make me a clothes line shortly after we moved in two years ago. I can hardly wait to start using it again. My laundry smells so fresh and sparkling clean when hung to dry.
I can remember as a child when my mother hung our clothes to dry, my sisters & I would run under and through the sheets as they blew in the wind. Ahhhh those great memories! Did you ever do that?

Did you realize that, hanging your clothes, by line drying is a huge savings, and your clothes will last longer. Clothes hung outdoors do not get static cling. another benefit is it's good for your body, The bending, stretching and lifting it takes to get the laundry on the line is a good way to get in some exercise, without realizing it.   I like that and who couldn't save some on the electric bill?
Here are a few tips on hanging your laundry outdoor:

First if you have clothes lines already, you may want to wash your lines with warm water if they have not been used in awhile because dirty clotheslines will get your clothes dirty as well. Make sure your lines are strong and taut. Laundry will not dry evenly on sagging lines.

Choose a day that is sunny and windy or at least breezy. The motion of the breeze prevents clothes from stiffening.  You can just add vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine load to help soften the clothes you hang ( they will not smell like vinegar when they are dry.) or make your own fragrant fabric softener. You can save even more money by making your own laundry soap. I will post the recipe another time. It is so easy to do  and only costing about 4 cents a load!

Hanging sheets & whites in the sunlight early in the morning you will get full bleaching effect of the sun rays. Have you ever slept on sheets dried in the sun? Pure Heaven!

Hang colors & brights in partial shade or in the afternoon to prevent fading. You can also turn them inside out before hanging.

Hang shirts & blouses on hangers to prevent clothes pin marks on th eshoulders. Hook and pin the hanger to the line.
Just try hanging your laundry  and  I bet you will love it as much as I do.

February 7, 2010

I've started a new cooking blog!

 I have decided to put my food stuff, recipes, tips & wine paring  along with  photos of what's cookin in my kitchen on a seperate blog. Please come pull up a stool and join me .  I have added a place setting for you..and will share a glass of wine or cuppa tea  along with a few bites with you.
Bon Appetite!

February 6, 2010

I think I'm becoming a Shutterbug..

A country drive  this morning was a photo opportunity for me. Since my  wonderful husband bought me a new camera  for Christmas, I have become a shutterbug, snapping pictures of anything & everything. You know, old Barns and old homesteads have always been a favorite of mine. It was cloudy and not a spectular day like a sunshine day would be but we did enjoy our outting. As we drove  up to the hill above our farm in the tree line, we had only gone   1000 ft higher than  we live, and we were in deep snow. So pretty and peaceful, not particulary cold but fresh. I took a few shots of the pine trees covered with snow. We then traveled down to the Wood River  a bird watching area where I got a few more shots ( no birds could be seen but we could hear themin the marsh. )  On the way home we were above Upper Klamath Lake around Fort Klamath, where we came upon the perfect homestead setting & barns. I was on cloud #9 ...and then  I took a couple close up shots, I couldnt resist temptation... I think I am getting pretty good at this...check out the raindrops... Cool

February 5, 2010

Two Nice Suprises...

#1 Suprise! I am here blogging so soon after I thought I was doomed..I will be using my cell phone (smart phone) to connect to the internet for afew days. The problem will be solved when I return from Washington. I wont leave until Feb 13th and will return March 1st. I am going to visit my sister, mom and daughter. Really looking forward to  a two week mini vacation. I am taking the train which is always relaxing , even though a 12 hour trip! I willstock up on hand sewing, reading to occupy myself. By chance my good friend Gail is going to be traveling the same way that day so we will keep company for the first 5 hours of the trip. We will be chatting away the time will fly....

#2 Surprise, today when I went to the mailbox I found a very nice surprise from another Blogger friend and Mary Jane farmgirl. We have  not met in person but share many interests. I read her posts everyday and I know she follows mine. She lives in New York and the chances of us ever meeting are.... well who knows? She sent me a darling bookmark she made  of Raggedy Ann  for my old 1918 printing. She recently got herself a copy at  athrift store. Thank you so much Nancy Jo.  Look how she matches the page in the book.. You can read her blog at
I will be posting until the 13th as my daily adventures unfold thanks for folowing.
Have a great weekend..

February 4, 2010

Yikes, I really "screwed up "

Well I have done it now...Not sure it was the right thing to do.. I am really confused about my internet connection and use of my modem. I have never had official computer lessons, as I have always pretty much practiced the trial & error method of anything.  Today I bought a new cell phone and a new modem to use for my internet connection since we have no good reception without an external dial up modem. I had gone over my allotted amount of 5g usage last month so I learned now I could have solved this problem another way & decided to "tether" my new phone capability to make sure that doesn't happen again..  Thats what the tech support person told me...and willl save me  money in the long run...Long story short.... Now I can use both a modem & my cell phone for connecting to the WWW. However.. Until the 20th of this month I am really "Screwed" If I use my phone for relief from adding more Overage on the modem... I cannot use my phone separately. I planned to be out of the state for a few weeks and Clay needs the computer so I cannot take it along.. but I  will want  & need my phone?  * are you following me here?," Do I suck it up , bite the  bullet and pay a HUGE bill by continue using the modem adding more overage fees, stop using the computer all together... That means no blogging, email or web surfing... YIKES" or do I forfeit my I cannot  do that. I was on the landline with the tech support for over 2 hours while he walked me through the whole downloading process.  Now we are on first name basis..but I probably wouldn't get him again if I called tech support...although he was very helpful, pleasant and made me feel not so stupid.....I told you I am not totally computer literate...Oh What to do? Maybe  I'll best use the cell phone connection  only for backup..? and go ahead   re hook up the modem? Clay knows even less than I do about this stuff... of course, so it will be impossible to explain to him  how to simply hook up or un hook the bear with me....I will not be posting as much until I return March 1st.
I think I will pre post a few blog entries and let go of the connection. I can use my daughters computer when I get to Washington. That will be the smartest thing to do...and pay the price of overage use... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I think I need a tall glass of wine right now...after I disconnect my good bye for now... I"ll be back posting soon.

February 3, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks..We Go!

This morning, The sun came out and out we went to take some photos of the birds that might be at the marsh. It looked warmer than it was. Clay had captured the two fabulous photos at the bottom of this post last week of a Bald Eagle in its nest eating, but today We saw a few birds but not as many as we had hoped. The great migration will be here mid month. I did take a few photos of the refuge and will share them.

A mature  American Bald Eagle and  a youngster ( notice his splotchy feathers  at this stage they look kinda scruffy..They will be nicer and look like the adult we love to see, in their fourth year...
Here they are in a field looking for mice to eat or any other small rodent. They do hang out near the marsh, waiting for ducks and the fields for smaller prey. 
a Gray Herron hiding in the tree along the marsh land. The reflection of the blue sky in the marsh land was pretty. I will be in Washington State for a couple weeks, while Clay stays home to takes care of things here at BlueSky & the chickens.. So I will miss the begining of the migration. Klamath Basin is know for its thousands of birds migrating North during the spring.

These were flying overhead, we could hear them coming. White Snow or Ross geese we think. Sure pretty don't you think?  Here are the two Clay took pictures of earlier. It made a nice morning I gotta do laundry...(sigh)

February 2, 2010

Is that Mr.Groundhog?

Happy Groundhog Day everyone....."I don't know where or what time that Mr.. Groundhog saw his shadow, it sure wasn't here. But I did hear something outside and when my mom let me out to check it out ...... I see it was "Jack" and he was hiding. That is One big Jack Rabbit  and he's as big as me too.  Boy, can he run fast. Maybe he stopped to see me... But It sure wasn't his shadow cuz I couldn't get even close. It sure is fun to chase him though...and By the way, If there is going to be 6 more weeks of winter.... let it be on the East coast..wherever that is... cuz I want some sunshine & spring around here...maybe there will be more Bunnies to chase.  I think I will go take a nap now that was fun..."

February 1, 2010

When will Spring come?

I just read a few posts of  others who I follow off my blog and am jealous that they have some spring weather closer than I do.  I can only start to invision the fruits of my labors once the sun stays out long enough to warm my garden spots. I want to plant Lots of flowers this year  along with my veggies. As I look out my window right now I see the thermometer hanging and the news is not good. As I write this It is even starting to snow big flakes.....I captured a shot out the window.
 So I guess I will start with spending some time planning what & where I will plant when its Warmer.
I have some thoughts and plenty of books to be inspired by.

 In the meantime I will enjoy my "Store bought beauties." while I wait for my own bulbs to burst through the frozen ground.... But aren't they pretty?