Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

June 11, 2010

Oh! We have babies!!!

They are here! I was fixing dinner when Clay came to tell me tonight that "We are proud parents of 5 babies." I grabbed the camera and hurried out to the pond.. But mama had already gathered the babes together and was in the cattails hiding. I was disappointed but determined to snap a picture. Came inside  ate my dinner quickly and returned to where he said he saw her.
I parked myself in a chair and waited quietly. All of a sudden the  daddy duck made a circular pass of the pond and flew in.. Landed, swam around in a circle, bathed and quacked..and  

    Here they came out of the rushes..
     1, 2, 3, 4, 5 .........

but wait look closely not 5 but  6  Babies

Before mama introduced the babies to daddy, I observed an  amazing behavior.  As I sat there Daddy duck swam over to another part of the pond and started quacking Very angrily and loudly. Then I saw  another hen was swimming there and he actually chased her out of the pond and around the side of the pond before she flew away...I don't know if he was threatened by her or was protecting his new babies..
Watching these babies grow is going to be a favorite pastime now for sure.... I don't even want to think about the day they fly on.

June 9, 2010

Can you come along?

It was so pretty today, A fabulous  Blue sky & sunshine day.  After our hard work yesterday we decided to take a break & head out for the forest. I snapped a few shots  to share. So pick up a walking stick , there are lots laying on the ground  and follow me for a while. The scenery is beautiful.  I am  sure it's finally Spring.

Here's a path to follow..The trees are so sure getting tall.  I love the smells of the forest, clean fresh, definately a woodsy scent.

We are almost at the bridge crossing the creek.. The water is rushing quickly from the melting snow.
Keep coming there is an Awesome view of Mt McLaughlin just around the bend.

Now wasn't that a great way to get some exercise? I hope you will come along with me on another day.  

June 8, 2010

Found it, Hauled it, Painted it...

Well it took some muscle and a lot of persuading but Here it is.. My vision of a great entry to Blue sky Farm from the road.
I found it in the field next door covered with wire, weeds & a ton of dirt. I begged yeah , begged my fabulous husband to just "Please come take a look~see  and to visualize it at the entrance to the property with the flowers tumbling out of the old bathtub ( we already had placed there.) He finally gave in and we drug the monster out of the field, up our road . Man it was H e a v y....It was really ugly & a  rusty red but with a couple cans of Flat black spray paint It looks  just as I pictured..It is 10 feet long with plenty more room to hang more baskets, old tins,  flowers, and more.. I can picture it with Lights  strung at Christmas and a Scarecrow for the fall can you? It made my day....

June 7, 2010

Who's minding the nest?

It appears Mr. Mallard swimming, eating &  taking it easy, while Mrs. Mallard sits on the eggs doing the mom bit right?
... But wait.. here's the nest with nobody home sitting for these "egg- lets"... seems mama decided to take a bath, eat and exercise a bit too... I had to go take aother peek..I wondered  how the eggs would stay warm & safe, and found  
The nest was totally covered with feathers.. Mama did a great  job of conceiling these eggs,.,. I carefully removed the top layer of feathers and there they were.. I counted 7 maybe 8 covered the nest after taking the photo and returned to the pond where I found both ducks happy taking a break.. I think this is going to be a nice family.... soon..and Daddy is hanging around waiting for the big day..... He's got babysitting to do when they hatch....or does she not get a break then too?

June 4, 2010

Rainy day surprises

Okay.. Its either sit home & watch the rain fall or get in the car and take a day trip to the mountains  in the rain..  You can guess what I did.. We packed our lunch stuff and off we drove. Headed south towards Medicine Lake in Calif. We  almost made it in to the lake but that white cold stuff stopped us frrom getting through  about 5 miles from the Lake entrance.
Taking another road we came to this clearing.. well sort of a clearing.. clouds & mountains in the background and the rain started pouring. Still a pretty drive.  I snapped that  photo and happened to look down and saw this beautiful Morrell Mushroom peeking through the fauna. I picked a few for breakfast.
We will return in a month to enjoy the fishing on the lake but that will be another day.  Once we got home  Another surprise waited me. 

You see a few days ago I was walking in the field and up on grassy hill where Buster had come upon the nest of the female  mallard that has been swimming in the pond. I was sure he had scared her off. I saw her nest was there hidden with at a dozen eggs left unattended. Fearful  and fretting  now for two days that he had scared her away for good. I slowly walked back up there (with my camera  just in case) to check when I saw the Drake fly to the pond...I was delighted  to see right back there doing her mom  to be thing..sitting quietly. Now I can't wait to see how many babies hatch.. Oh yes.. Many surprises today... Plus the deer had not touched the flowers inthe tub....

June 3, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub...

Yes, those are Petunias planted in the old bath tub. . See their pretty red, purple, yellow & white faces. When they get settled into their new home some with grow tall and reach for the sun while the rest will grow to overflowing and  cascade down over the sides.. Well, that is what I hope they do... They will look pretty no matter where they decide to flow from the bathtub at the top of our property driveway..don't ya think? The rain was starting to sprink just as I finished planting.. so they will get an extra drink of water today & possible tonight to help make them happy  there..Now lets hope the deer will continue to ignore them.. so far so good, as some of the lower plants have been there all week....just waiting for these beauties to show up. I really do love Petunias! Now I need some marigolds to plant in the back garden. I bought tomato plants today  too & will set them out  maybe the weather is to warm up and dry out a bit next week... we shall see....

June 2, 2010

Taking it off slowly

Two week weigh in today and I must toot my own horn. I have lost 7 pounds and  2 inches off my waist..
The cleansing diet  has been worth it! Now, I get to add a few carbs back  into my menu.. I never thought a small potato  could taste so good. It is said that a goal written down is more achieveable and shared with others is very beneficial..So I have laid it out my friends.. I am Ready, willing and doing it!
I have more to lose and I am aware it will take perserverance  and determination, but with the recipes I have at my fingertips now and added fruits & vegetables my goal will be within reach. Anyone trying to lose a few pounds can relate.
Now with more fruits & nuts I will be in heaven.. cherries, melons, berries, apricots, plums apples, pears, peaches .. Yum, and  all the vegetables I want..cooked, steamed, roasted.. no peas, carrots or corn .. yet however...but  These fruits  and vegetables will be fresh in season  soon in my garden and at the  Saturday Market place. I will be posting a few new recipes for dressings, crock pot meals & more over in the kitchen where "this hens a cookin". Drop by,  Pull up a chair and celebrate with me as I continue drinking those 8 glasses of water.. Gee, It feels  Good to get into those "too tight jeans.."

June 1, 2010

The Project begins at last!

The day has come.... with a tiny bit of rain... The project is underway.
We have worked with a local landscape & Nursery to beautify our homesite. 25 trees, bark &  evergreen shrubs going in.. a drip water system and some flowering shrubs and I probably won't remember the names of everything ..some will not bloom until next spring but the folage will be green for summer & turn fall colors in the Autum. I will post more as they continue....