Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

May 29, 2009

ahhhh! Home Sweet Home

A picture perfect evening tonight,
With my camera close I jumped at the opportunity to record again, why we love living here on Blue Sky Farm. (#1) is of our pond where two Mallards have returned making it a sure sign of Spring. I looked from my Kitchen window I was able to capture the stillness just after a short rain shower.(#2) Look at that Rainbow, and you can see the pot of gold is right at the pond. These two shots are out the front of the house. On my way back to the house from the pond shots above the back yard fence is a (#3)view of the sky over Klamath Lake lastly (#4) a metal basket of spring greets us with Home Sweet Home at the front entry.

May 28, 2009

Our Mary Jane Farmgirls Garden

Gail & I have been busy working on our MJF "Charming Chicks Chapter Garden" You may have to enlarge the picture to see the palnts growing.

We go there every Wednesday to plant & weed & eventually Harvest. We will share the labors with our chapter members who participate in the maintenance and the land owner who generously has allowed us to use his garden space , He will water it and also share his harvest of strawberries. So far this is what we have done in two weeks time. What fabulous soil & these plants love it. We have planted all organic & heirloon seeds & plants of Corn ,Green beans, Squash, Carrots, Beets, two different lettuce varieties, Chard, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Jalapino Peppers, Hungarian Wax peppers and Brocolli.

It have avereraged one and 1/2 hours of our time and about $50 in cash. We think this is a great project to be involved in. The excess harvest will be donated to a local food bank after we share among our families. We plan to make salsa as a group project and I will teach a canning & jelly class.

May 26, 2009

Life goes on....It is spring

See the flowers, Finally Spring is here in Southern Oregon. Life is renewed and as I walked deep in thought through this open land tucked in amongst the yellow carpet of wildflowers was this lone blue flower. (I love wildflowers.) I couldn't help but to think how it had struggled through the long cold winter, drinking what it needed to thrive and then popped through when the sun warmed the soil so it could unfold and show its face and take a strong hold in the dirt, living life to its fullest, bracing against any harsh wind blowing through the juniper trees growing strong around it. Too soon it will fade and drop its seed to start the process all over again. I feel a bit at odds this week as I learned of my ex husband's sudden death. Every living thing in life has its own journey and as we grow and develop the best we can by the blueprints laid out before us, we do not not know when the life as we know it will end. Like that flower, I lift my face to the sunshine and feel life warmth around me and brace for the future whatever that should bring. Happy to be here, where I am surrounded by the things & people that mean so much to me, and the earthly elements that nurture me I am aware of breathing and being alive. Lucky to have brought my camera along on this special day to capture this living growing beauty.

May 22, 2009

Front patio Inspiration

I bought this fabric a few months ago, I painted one chair and then other projects took priority. So today I decided I do not want to sit on those nasty old cushions any longer. ( plus we have company coming) So I painted the second chair this morning and just whipped up the covers. I now need a new table covering, an umbrella for the table a few colorful plants and we will be set to entertain, as well as enjoy our morning & evening meals here. What a difference a bit of fabric & paint can make, and dont ya think it looks nice?

May 21, 2009

Daytrip fun & we went swimming

This was a fun day, My mom & dad took me and Auggie for a daytrip to look for really nice camping areas for the summer. This is Cottonwood Meadow. We also went to Cottonwood Lake where there is a dock for us to run on. Mom took this picture of the creek that we were able to play in. Here Auggie and I are waiting for a stick to be thrown in the water for us to fetch.

Ready! Set! Go!
He is bigger than me but I am better.
See, I got it first cuz I am faster than he is. He tried to take it away from me too. I swam back and my mom & she & dad took turns tossing it back in the water for us to fetch again. Auggie and I had fun.

The water was nice and cool, we played hard and Auggie didn't want to share the stick very much when he got it. He took it away from me many times.

Here we are waiting on the dock for mom to take our pictures while we dried off on the dock. Auggie doesn't always pay attention, see here he is looking away when Mom said for us to "say Cheese" for this picture.
When we got home, I was really tired from running and playing.
But, We will be ready if they decide to take us again tomorrow or whenever the next time we go cuz then we will go camping overnight. We really were good in the car my mom said and I got to sit in front on mom's lap so I could see where we were going and Auggie had to stay in the back and watch out the window. I think I am still special.

May 19, 2009

Home Garden Planted

Today Clay & I finished planting our home garden.
It is going to really be nice when everything blooms & produces vegetables for fall harvest.
Now planted corn, yellow wax beans, green peppers, aneheim peppers, jalapino peppers, tomatoes, beets, peas, potatoes, artichokes, asparagus, and rhubarb.
The two trees in front of the garden on the lawn are a cherry with 4 varieties and a golden delicious apple. We also have a MacKintosh apple tree, blueberries, blackberries, marion berries, strawberries, raspberries and watermelon and sunflowers. It was a perfect day to finish planting but just as we completed the temporary fence to keep our chickens out the wind came up and it has turned a bit chilly. Temperatures are to remain inthe low 70's for the remainder of the week with lows inthe 40's. Tomorrow I will join my friend Gail at the Charming Chicks Co-op garden for our routine check of plants and any weeding needed. I sure hope the wind doesn't blow out there. All in all a very productive day for the Severeides'at Blue Sky Farm.

May 18, 2009

Meeting of the Farm Chicks!

Mary, Tina, Joann ,myself, Faith & Gail
The Klamath Falls Charming Chicks drove to Grants Pass Sunday morning to meet the Rogue River Chicks for Lunch and a wander around an Antique Street Fair. What a delightful group of gals they are. We then stopped at the city park where we were able to sit & Chat under these gorgeous trees, a welcome break out of the 98 degree sunshine. We will be joining them June 26 to build a float to ride on in the Rooster Crow Parade June 27th. Then we will have the pleasure of sharing time with them at the Mary Jane Farm Fair 2009 Buggy Barter Boogy July 3 4 5. We are going to really have fun with them and hope too host them ion our fair city in the future.

May 16, 2009

Oh, I am in trouble.....again

Gail & I were finally able to go plant some vegetable seed & onions at the Charming Chicks Co-op Garden patch yesterday for a few hours. It was a gorgeous day & will be just as nice & nicer the rest of the week & next...Then we drove out to her house so I could see her new "trailer " she is going to "Glamper" It really is cute and she has adorable girly girl plans for it. I can't wait to go Glamping with her. Well the trouble I got into was on the way to her place, I was following her in my car when she quickly made a u-turn to stop at a new AntiqueCollectable Shop. Well of course I followed her and My Oh My! What a darling shop it is.. and the prices are unbelieveable.. I saw this window shelf and pictured it immediately on my diningroom wall with my other Chicken stuff... as you can see it fit in nicely! What a bargain for only $15.00.
Tomorrow I could be in more trouble we are going to Grants Pass to meet up with the Rougue River Chapter for lunch & a street fair... I better go count my pennies...& blessings

May 14, 2009

The Sign says it all "Welcome"

Finally the freshly painted posts were set in concrete and after many, many coats of sealer on the blue sign after my dear son Dennis & daughter in law Michelle sent this to me for Christmas after they had already spent hours creating it. I will add our House numbers soon and it will be nicely seen from the driveway entry to our home. I will plant some pretty bright colored flowers too when the weather warms a tiny bit more, to accompany the white tea rose, grasses & lavendar plants. We might offer fresh eggs, wildflower honey & fresh produce this fall but the U-Pick blackberries are going to take a couple years. The sign has a few other offers that will probably never be put to use like Sleigh rides, where they came up with that one is beyond me.. However Clay has requested one more and ( if they do make it) it will go right up there under Fresh Eggs " "We Don't Rent Pigs!"quoted right from one of his favorite books"Lonesome Dove". Yes, he has quite a sense of humor matching that of the sign creators.

May 13, 2009

Checking in on the Bees

Do you see those happy bees? How many do you suppose are on that frame? I have no idea but they sure looks good, and they are buzzing and doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing.. The frames are filling with eggs, larvae, pollen and nectar . We noticed several frames that have cells that are being capped off where brood & honey are sealed off with a thin waxy substance.
There is so much more to raising bees than one can imagine. Clay seen here, is checking this frame for the queen, and making sure that the cooler weather has not hampered the growth of the hive. The warmer weather & sunny days has made the pollen source here made us believe it truely is spring. He will periodically must check the frames making sure there is no contamination of any disease in the hive and so far all is well. The first year goal is to maintain a healthy hive and not so much to harvest honey, but you can bet that we will get a sampling by the beginning of Fall.

May 11, 2009

Home again..and ..Back on the farm

Home a few minutes checked out my baby chicks that are now big baby chicks.. I decided to put them in the coop with the Dottie, Queenie, & Miss Goldie of course Big Al . The 7 new chicks * unnamed at the moment* were
not bothered by sharing their quarters. I put up three new nesting boxes and two perches in the "Studio" to accommodate the flock.
I planted 7 strawberry plants outside my kitchen window all within the first 3 hours home. I had a fabulous time with my sisters.. and SanDiego is still in there. We didn't do any damage. We went to a local presentation of an Agatha Christie play "The Spider web" and it was good. We shopped and walked everywhere so I got plenty of exercise before we ate and enjoyed the local wines. You know...It is always good to be home. There is just nothing like sleeping in your own bed but We are planning another Sister Weekend next year. But now its back to work & play here at Blue Sky Farm..... and the weather looks great for gardening this week! Horray! It is going to warm finally....and now I have laundry to do & bags to unpack...

May 6, 2009

Packed just in case....

I am sure you know that some airlines don't offer meals or snacks when flying coach.. * the only way I can afford to travel by air. I always hope for an upgrade.. doesnt happen ever.* I am carrying my own treat. I am going to meet up with two of my younger sisters and enjoy 4 days in San Diego , where the sun is hining and warmer than here in the PNW . No husbands, no pets, no kids... Fun Fun Fun. I have had such a craving for these bars for weeks.. I bought 4 last trip to the store. My friend Rene' from Mary Jane Farmgirls is cheering me on while another friend Carol...and also MaryJane farmgirl is telling me to "just say no!" I am sure she would understand now that she knows why I packed them.. You all know (just in case) they do not offer snacks....
These are my favorite treat .. they melt in my mouth and leave no chocolate mess. I do love chocolate of course but it can get messy... I seem to always end up wearing a tiny bit that dropped on my shirt or worse on my pants while seated & when it melts , oh Boy.... well You know what that looks like.. So I will be safe.... I am excited to travel with my sisters .. we have not had a "Sisters weekend in 15 years" I do see them both probably 4-5 times a year but not nearly enough sister bonding time.. and we really do appreciate these times together, when we can be silly, drink wine , play cards, & sit our on our Candy Butts around the pool, eating dinner
out and splurging on thsoe gotta haves while shopping... I'll be posting when I return next Monday.. and I hope all of you Moms have a super Happy Mothers Day !

May 4, 2009

Off to the Beauty shop

I have so much fun running and playing outside and once again I got really dirty chasing bunnnies and Auggie around the pond again .

My dad said my coat was too long again, and then he said I was going to see "Ronna,"I like her she is my hair dresser/groomer.

I was so happy I danced with joy. I love to go to town to HotsPaw. Auggie cannot do this trick.. but he can sit and watch me and doesn't get dirty playing in the mud like me because he doesn't have naturally curly hair. His is straight & Mud & water falls right off him.
So here I am now all shampoo'd and wearing my summer cut.. even though its raining outside still and I can't wait to go back to the pond to watch the ducks.

Don't you think I look handsome now?

Bees in their New Home

This will be their permanent location. Straw bales were placed to provide protection against any northern wind. Each frame has busy bees working to provide food for the "Queen " so she can lay eggs for future worker bees.. Only One queen reign in a hive.

The completed hive holds the frames securely and the bees will start gathering pollen from wildflowers to produce honey.

May 3, 2009

Our Bees are here!

They arrived in a 10"x 21" box buzzing. Each "Nuc" contains about 10,000 bees including the "Queen".
They were transported in the back seat of my car for the 5 hour drive from Portland.
The box of bees was quiet and only a few managed to escape in the car when they were initially placed for travel. Yes there was an open screen area on the end so they could be comfortable. Bees produce a lot of heat inside the hive when it is cold outside. Fortunately because it will be only in the 50 degree range for the next couple days and and rain is forcasted most of the week. Clay is preparing to put them in the hive, *their new home*. Since it is raining and no flowers are blooming today he will supliment their supply of nectar with sugar water and a pollen patty. I am sure I will become more knowledgeable about Beekeeping as we begin this adventure. Clay has read many articles and we took a class back in March to begin this project.
I will post more pictures tomorrow of their permanent home location. BeeKeeper Clay will handle the bees and I will be the beekeepers helper from a distance
for now. I only hope that they are happy and remain outside and not at my front doorstep at the "Welcome mat."