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May 3, 2009

Our Bees are here!

They arrived in a 10"x 21" box buzzing. Each "Nuc" contains about 10,000 bees including the "Queen".
They were transported in the back seat of my car for the 5 hour drive from Portland.
The box of bees was quiet and only a few managed to escape in the car when they were initially placed for travel. Yes there was an open screen area on the end so they could be comfortable. Bees produce a lot of heat inside the hive when it is cold outside. Fortunately because it will be only in the 50 degree range for the next couple days and and rain is forcasted most of the week. Clay is preparing to put them in the hive, *their new home*. Since it is raining and no flowers are blooming today he will supliment their supply of nectar with sugar water and a pollen patty. I am sure I will become more knowledgeable about Beekeeping as we begin this adventure. Clay has read many articles and we took a class back in March to begin this project.
I will post more pictures tomorrow of their permanent home location. BeeKeeper Clay will handle the bees and I will be the beekeepers helper from a distance
for now. I only hope that they are happy and remain outside and not at my front doorstep at the "Welcome mat."

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Tina- said...

I would so love to raise bees as well. congrats on your new bee hive/bees. I am hoping to have a hive or two when we get moved/re established in a new home.