Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

November 30, 2008

House is quiet.... and a bit messy

Phew! the feast of Thanksgiving holidays is over....Breakfast dishes are done....but Beds need changing, laundry needs washing, Floors need vacuuming, refrigerator needs reorganized ( there's a lot of room in there right now, with a few partial containers of gravy, potatoes, dressing and a small piece of pumpkin pie,) I haven't found anything "left behind"of any importance yet. "surprise!"I am sure something will show up...

There are two christmas gifts packed & ready to mail out of state, along with the 2 MJ giveaway parcels. Three gifts yet to wrap to hand carry to Washington for christmas there.

I think I will pour myself a nice cup of Hot almond butter rum and enjoy the peace & quiet before I start the cleaning up project.... Oh where is Clay? He's watching football in peace.....
He is resting from doing ALL the dishes.. he has been loading & unloading from the dishwasher, He swears he has seen dishes we had'nt seen since our living in Arizona come out of somewhere.... but I remind him... "honey, they were there all the time we just havent served 10 people all week.. and look at those nice dishpan hands." He was a great support to me for this "Family event," Thank you Honey..This is why I love you..

November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day (partial) My Family Photo

Here we are (except Clay the photographer) My family group picture. We are missing Dennis, Michelle, Kandace & "baby Charlie" they were in Denver. Marks daughter, Taylor is in Yakima with her mother's family.
Top row to bottom step: Jake, Simon, Alex,Nancy, Mark, PJ, Me, Mason and Peyton.

We had a really nice dinner, and took many photos, Pj and her family left today about noon, they drove home to Moxee,Washington. Nancy and her family are still here until tomorrow when they return to Monroe, Washington.

Clay & I took the grand kids Ice skating last night and they really had a great time. I think we made some good memories for the little ones at least.

Mason and Pj out on the ice. Mason says he only fell 11 times. ( more, if I recall..)

Petyon was a natural first time out

I am sure if bruises could tell they fell more ofen than they counted
The oldest Grandsons : Jake getting ready to show us how it's done. Alex on the ice.

I baked Nancy's birthday cake and we had a very quiet and simple dinner of Spaghetti & Meatballs her favorite comfort food.

Here we are making Hot Almond Butter Rum mix.. Yummy , Thanks Nancy

Papa Clay and Peyton with the BB gun. Lesson in gun safety.
Peyton now wants one for christmas!" No Peyton, you will shoot your eye out."

Peyton & Mason adding ornaments to the Christmas tree.

November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Surprise Giveaway WINNERS

The winners are:
Denise -levisgrammy and Diana -dkelewae.
I will post your parcels early next week

November 26, 2008

Oh no! Its Wednesday already!

Wow, I have been so busy with gettting ready for Thanksgiving,
I realized I hadn't posted since Sunday, because my dear friend Stephanie emailed me about no new posts to her disappointment. My goal was to post everyday about whats going on here. I will try to do better.

I have been busy sewing, & baking, & making candy for Christmas. I wrapped presents to put in the mail next week, trying to stay ahead of the game, while cleaning up a lot of small messes as I go. Seems like the kitchen floor is always in need of sweeping & now definately mopping.

Clay & I have made several trips to the store checking our lists and timetables of when to buy what & where. I think we have completed the main shopping, but I know we have forgotten something or will need something before the big event. Fortunately, although we live in the country, we do live only a mile or so from town, and what a surprise to see gasoline at $1.99 a gallon at Fred Meyer with our $.10 a gallon off due to shopping rewards we are happy to pay $1.89. Who would have thought it would be this much under the $4.00 mark a month or so ago?
Nancy #1 daughter just called from Vancouver WA. They left Monroe at 4am and were checking once again on highway directions to get here in the shortest time.
They should be here in another 5 hours. I am getting excited to see them. (and can certainly use her help!)

I made Mary Jane's Recipe for Carmel's last night and this morning I individually wrapped 40 of them. Now to find a safe place to hide them, at least until Thursday. The are too good!

Clay is preparing to brine the turkey and all left to do is run the vacuum over the carpets, I think & make up the extra bed, in the sewing room after I put away my sewing "stuff" temporarily.

Buster is overseeing our activities and the birds at the feeder from his place on the ottoman in front of the window.

I will have another cup of coffee and then make the bed and check on clean towels for the troops.
I think I have laundry calling as well. Until next post.... Enjoy your day.

November 23, 2008

Is it the begining of next week or the end of the last?

The days are flying by. I don't know where the week has gone..Thanksgiving Day is coming in only 4 days. My family will be here..Well part of them will be here. Son & his wife & "baby Charlie" will not be joining us this year in person but for sure in spirit.
We have ordered the turkey( picking it up tomorrow). Today I made two pumpkin pies, finished another batch of beef jerky and a small batch of peanutbutter fudge, shopped for the makings for the rest of our feast. Now we have a few things to complete here on the farm. We probably won't get the chicken house finished this week but I am crossing my fingers that we do and hoping for no snow just yet.

I have a quilting class tomorrow afternoon to break up my cleaning day. Must vacumn the whole house, clean the bathrooms, and mop the kitchen floor and rearrange my sewing room. It will be a sleeping room for the" little guys." while they are here. Hang fresh towels & check for extra blankets, It's getting cold here at night.

Drag out the Christmas tree & decorations so the families can help put up the tree and hang the outside lights as well the day after Turkey day.
Oh yes, I must bake a white vanilla cake w/ chocolate frosting for my daughters 40th birthday next week. It is her special request and of course she can have it. After all she is my #1 daughter *(a Note to daughter #2...PJ... "Nancy was born first".) My sweet daughters have always had an ongoing debate about "who I like best." You would think they were competative or something wouldn't you? Pj's special day is coming too January 5th. I wonder what her request will be?

So another Sunday comes to the end, and it has been a productive week. I think that means it's the end of the week for me because I am not ready to begin the new one.

November 21, 2008

Worked some more on the Hen House

It is coming along. Clay & I worked on it some more today for a few hours. We have three of the four walls up and it's looking good.. We called it a day as it's turned cold... like 34 degrees right now. I will post pictures tomorrow or when we finish it. We have some cute ideas for decorating & painting it.

I just made myself some tea to warm me up. We have chicken leftover from last night so I will make some rice & vegetables and call it good for dinner.

I was going to start some holiday baking today, like apple pies but I can't get my butt out of this chair to peel the apples, that may have to wait until tomorrow.

I wanted to make some cookies too but have no energy left right now, maybe a nice warm bath will revive me...and a glass of wine... yeah that's what I need... more posting tomorrow...

November 20, 2008

Started the HenHouse

We started building the hen house yesterday. The floor is finished and the first wall frame is done. Hope to finish this by next week. *weather permitting and we have no other projects going*
We are planning to get 6 hens (and a rooster maybe.)

We are building it in the back corner of the garden so we can utilize the area and not have too far to carry or push the manure for fertilizing the garden. The henhouse will be 4x8 with 2 or 3 nesting boxes. The fenced area will be about 6x8. We have a gate planned so we can let them free range in the yard too and put them back in the caged area at night.
I want to plant sunflowers in the front and we will have fun decorating the house when its finished with trim that will match our house. This project is going to take time, but I want it finished by Spring. So here is the start, with pictures to follow as we make progress.

November 18, 2008

MJ Doggie treats & Egg beaters

Today I decided I was going to start some Christmas cookie making, but got side tracked and decided to make doggie treats instead. I used three different size doggie bone cutters. One batch of MJ's peanutbutter doggie treats made 125 cookies. Busters "friends & family doggies" will have a bit of a treat come Christmas morning when they get these.

I also received in the mail yesterday another egg beater to add to my collection. Right now they are hanging over my stove. They range from 1906-1923 in production dates.

Now I suppose I should get productive and do something else on my list of things to do before it is time to make dinner..

November 16, 2008

A busy day today...

I was busy today, Finally made my apron, I have had an old tablecloth for ages that I got at a thrift store and decided it would be a great apron. I took vintage buttons from my Grandmothers collection to embelish the front. I made my own pattern from another apron. A fun project. I was also busy making applesauce and 6 more loaves of pumpkin bread.

November 15, 2008

Firepit is ready for fire

I know I already left a posting here today, but I just had to show the Firepit. Hopefully, when we put firwood in it it will not collapse. I hope to use this periodically throughout the year.
It's kind of cute and we will build up the rest of back patio around it with other trellises and shrubs & flowers. It's a start with lots of plans..The cut out terra cotta lamp tiles are from Mexico, that we will put sand & candles in when the time is right. We also found two large tree stumps for seats. Now, where are the marshmellows?

"Doe," a deer a female deer.... & family

I looked outside our kitchen window while make breakfast and saw these beautiful animals. We put out a salt block for them and hoped they would find it in the grassy field.
Sure enough they did. It was a frosty morning and here they are eating in the field.
There is no way I could eat one of these beauties.. Give me Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish any day.

November 14, 2008

Oregon is So Beautiful

Three beautiful picture of the many I took of where we were today. They are breath taking aren't they?

Clay & I were exploring areas within 50 miles of our house today to see where we could camp sometime next year. We found many nice campgrounds although most closed now for the winter. There are many designated snow parks along the way for snowmobiling, cross country skiing and sledding.

We had a very nice day. Since we had never taken this drive I had to capture a few pictures of the scenery we saw. There are several lakes in our area, not counting Crater Lake which is only 54 miles northwest of us.
1. Lake of the Woods only 30 miles away
2. Hyatt lake which is really close to Howard Lake only 40 miles away. The Mountain you see in the background is Mt Mclaughlin.
3. Our Klamath Lake only 2 miles from our house. No camping here but fishing.
The lake lies along Hwy 97. The train also travels along this lake to & from Canada to California. The fence you see keeps any big boulders from rolling onto the track.
We had a nice lunch at Hyatt Lake Resort that remains open all winter. A beautiful day today enjoying the drive here in Oregon. We are both so happy to have these places within a few driving miles to enjoy.
We are building a fire pit in our back yard so I will post the pictures of the rocks we hauled home when we start the project.

November 13, 2008

My friend Stephanie

I want to take this moment to say Thank You to a very dear friend. She lives in Arizona and is
one of the most caring women I ever met let alone supervised while working at a Shelter for Women & children victims of Domestic Violence. The position as a shelter attendant is a very stressful and emotionally challenging job. Her love and understanding for the victims who passed through the doors of freedom , I am sure touched more than one woman and child.
She has her own crosses to bear, her husband of many years passed away last March. Her beautiful daughter has moved to Flagstaff to attend College.
She has supported me in all the decisions I had to make while working as the Domestic Violence Services Supervisor and then the Coordintor, often over extending herself to do whatever needed to be done. She was my right arm...and kept me organized and focused. I know she hated for me to retire and after I moved to Oregon, her job became even more stressful with other managers making decisions that she has no say in.
I love her and respect her and miss her every day. Today I got to speak with her and her voice was music to my ears. I made myself a promise to call her weekly, just to tell her that even if I am miles away I will be here for her. I know as she reads this she will feel embarrassed and yet I think, proud of who she is. Stephanie, you are Special and I know you have earned many stars in your crown. Dry up those tears & don't forget to Breathe and take care of yourself.
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

November 12, 2008

More Thriftstore Treasures

I stopped in at the thriftstore again Today, I am making a habit of this... I found the plant stand (not the plants) a few tins for Christmas cookies, a New family album, for me to record my family history, some heavy glass jars, a glass citrus juicer dish and an old cookbook "Womans Home Companion Cook Book" copywrite 1942- 1947
This is a favorite treasure now. (I was born in 1947)
I wonder what I will find next trip?
I will settle in for the night now in my warm comfy socks & flannel jammies and have a cup of cocoa as I read my MaryJane Magazine.

November 11, 2008

An Avacado is growing

I sprouted an Avacado seed ( with 3 toothpicks in a bowl)and Look how big it is now! Never have had one take off like this.

Also just wondering what's on your refrigerator door? among pictures & magnets are two pictures drawn by my grandsons. Mason & Peyton. Ya gotta hang them ya know.

November 10, 2008

My first official quilt blocks

Today was a fun day, I started a quilting class. It is a 6 week course and I am making a quilted bag to house my Quilt Cutting Matt. It will have a few more different blocks. Next week we will do a snowball pattern. The purple jumped out at me while looking for the perfect dark print. The lighter print is a soft sage floral of violets. There are such beautiful prints available to choose from.
I think it will look very nice when finished.
I have lots of ideas of what I what to do next for a quilt project.
I have a quilt that my Grandmother made years ago. It was all done by hand and quite a piece of work. I remember going to Grandma's and she, my aunts & mom would be quilting on a frame. Grandma made all her own aprons as well and I guess that's where my interest started. Grandma would be proud of me doing this I think if she were still with us. When my children were growing up I sewed a lot of outfits for them. I have done some strip quilting and made a vest and a handbag.. I am sure quilting techniques have changed over the years as well as materials used. I can remember my sisters & I would spread out a quilt on our beds and pick out pieces that were like dresses my mom had made us. My grandma made me a baby blanket of blue & white for my son when he was born. That quilt was used & laundered many times, when my first and only granddaughter was born, I took that slightly worn & faded quilt and cut it up and made a stuffed Teddy Bear for her out of it. I hope she still has it, perhaps she will pass it on to her new baby brother. Just thinking of my Grandma makes me smile.

November 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Farmgirl Surprise Box Giveaway.

Leave a comment here and good luck!

There's Snow in those hills!

It was such a pretty morning, Clay & I & "Buster" drove out into the wooded area about 15 miles from our farm. We were surprised that there was so much snow up there, Its only about 900ft above us. A great area to explore.
We were looking for some pieces of wood to burn in our (soon to be built,) fire pit. We also picked up some nice rocks to circle the pit with.
Our plan is to have a backyard wiener roast & marshmallows on the evening after Thanksgiving when everyone is still here together. If we do have snow there is plenty room for the grand kids * and those adults who refuse to grow up* to enjoy sledding, followed up with hot cocoa & hot buttered rums for those who care to partake.
I often plan these special treats as memory makers and somehow things do not always fall into place. So if the weather cooperates and its not raining, we can at least do part of the plan.
Of course as the Mother here..I will insist that everyone young & old participates as this is the beginning of the holiday season as well. I think its important to make these memories for the kids. We have all experienced loss in our livess as family members pass on, and unfortunately so do those treasured memories of when we were kids ourselves, It is my goal to start new ones for my grandchildren, they will be grown up before we know it and they hopefully will pass on these traditions as they add new ones for their children. No matter if it all pans out or not a family memory will be made.

November 8, 2008

And there is music to my ears!

I think I am getting pretty good at this blog building. I did it ! Now you can hear my music selection here. Reba is one of my favorite female vocalists so enjoy her while you relax here on the farm. I will change to Christmas Music closer to Christmas.. Gee this is going to be fun!

Clay & I made a quick trip to town to get a few things I needed for some Gift baskets I am making for Christmas, and to fill up my car with gas. I got a full tank for $25. I usually end up in the $35 range . Yippee!

Clay & I have decided to go to Washington for Christmas. We both have family there and since we have moved back to the Northwest we thought we would enjoy spending it with our families there, we are sure they couldn't all come see us so we are going to them. We have family living at CampSherman, and in Woodburn Oregon both on our way north.

Lots of cooking, baking preparation to be done.

November 7, 2008

My Nancy is almost 40

This is my first born daughter. She will be 40 in a few weeks.. I am very proud of her, she is attending grad school and will graduate in June from the University of Washington. She is married & has a very intellegent son Jacob. He will graduate from highschool with his AA as well. I am not sure he has decided on a college yet, but I think he has narrowed it to a couple choices. Nancy's husband just became an American citizen . This entry is not about him or her son, however.
Let me say that I never thought Nancy would become as domestic as she has proven to be. She does work full time at Boeing in Everett WA. as a project manager, working with mostly men. *That has been an interesting position for her* You can read all about her on her blogsite "My Home Cook N Blog " linked to this site as a follower. ( her site is hidden under that adorable baby picture she posted.) Did she know that is one of my favorite pictures of her?
She is beautiful and she has a wonderful sense of humor and some of the childhood memories will never be forgotten, *the teen age years were something I am glad are over*
We talk at least once a week and it is so nice to have her visit. She has great insight and wisdom for a young woman, ( takes after her mom.) Isn't it funny how when kids grow up they actually appreciate what you sacrificed for them? It's great that you don't have to say "I told you so".
I look forward to sharing Thanksgiving with her and her family when they join us Thanksgiving & to celebrate her 40th birthday.. oh My I really feel old now. Well, now that I have posted a tidbit about her I will have to tell you about my #2 daughter PJ on another future blog entry.

Fogged in

yes, we are.. It is very "Fall "outside.
Reminds me of the song lyrics "Over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house we go". We, as children (my 3 sisters )used to sing that in the back seat of the car on our way to grandma's house on Thanksgiving morning.. (oh what a nice flashback memory.)

No rain but a nice layer of ground fog. I am glad I have no errands to run today.
Will add some more flavors to the stew I made yesterday, fold some laundry and work on my Christmas card project & Read some more farmgirlsister blogs. There are some very clever farmgirls!

November 6, 2008

Thriftstore treasures

A few things I bought yesterday. The Debbie Mum turkey banner and the falls leaves are in my entry. The crocks were perfect for my utinsels in the kitchen.
I love them.
I am going to check out another thrift store this week if the weather holds. The snow has melted and we are expecting normal fall weather for a few days. We have a few things to winterize before the Big snow comes.
I am looking for Holiday decoration and getting ready for company.

November 5, 2008

Another beautiful snow day

Yes, it is snowing another day.
It is so pretty. Huge flakes falling.

The fields are becoming white again. I had to take a couple pictures to show how nice it is here on the Bluesky Farm. One is out the front door looking across the road at our neighbors farm, and the other is from the back door over the yard fence.
We just returned from town, I found a couple picture frames at Goodwill and will be looking for Holiday decorating items next week. I signed up for a quilting class starting next Monday afternoon, and will start planning for the holidays.

November 4, 2008

Ohhhhhhhhhh It snowed!

Oh and it is so cold.. Well 24 degrees is cold to me right now. No doubt it will get colder before Spring. It is really pretty even the couple inches we got. I have a few errands to do today. Take the dog to the groomer, & I have a hair appointment too.
We wanted to work on the garden area today, but..... now I can work on my Christmas Cards.
Snow is predicted to fall intermitently today & tonight. With rain so it wont be pretty white forever. Sure looks nice though and I must repeat again." we love it here".

November 3, 2008

My Farmgirl Badge is completed

Well here it is and I 'm proud to wear my shirt as farmgirl #309
It was fun to do and I love the Chicken buttons!
I sewed it on my levi shirt.

I think winter is knocking at our door

Brrrrrr We woke up to rain this morning and cold outside.
After taking a trip to town to get some 2x4s to have on hand ( to build the chicken coop & house ) when the sun comes out or when the rain stops.
Clay brought in the bale of straw that was at the end of the driveway with the Welcome autumn scarecrow, now disassembled an dstored the straw inthe garage. We will spread it under the apple& cherry trees and the berrry & rose bushes before the snow comes.
Snow could fall tonight inthe higher elevations it is forcasted. Hope 4200 is not what the weatherman predicted as higher elevations.

I am sure winter is coming sooner than later & I do not think I have enough warm clothing to make it to the winter days.
I'll have to drag out the winter duds & see. I did just buy a pair of "silkie underwear bottoms" and they are really nice. I wish I had warm hands right now and gloves are out of the question inside, I think.. The furnace is on and we have a nice pot of chili cooking in the slow cooker for dinner. I will make some cornbread to go with it and call it a nice pre-winter dinner.
I guess we will bundle up and stay inside for now.

November 2, 2008

Back in Oregon

Well it was a great trip, My heart is full of all kinds of emotions. Toppling over with loving memories and sadness at living so far from the baby. Sennsi promised to bring him to Oregon in the Spring.. And I am going to hold him to it.
Isn't he beautiful?
Clay picked me up at the airport and we spent the night with family in Woodburn, Oregon before leaving this morning to return home. It is really nice to be home. He kept the home fires burning and added some really nice plants inside and prepared the ones outside for the coming of winter.
We have many projects planned to hopefully accomplish before the snow falls. Thanksgiving is coming and my other two kids & their families will be here for the holiday. We look forward to them filling our home with laughter and more memories.
Bring the Holiday Season on .. I will be ready!