Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

April 29, 2013

Time Flies

Where  did this month go?
In a day it will be May.. I have been busy I must admit with Wildtree tastings.. and taking a trip to California to visit Clay's sister. ( We were getting tired of  cloudy cold temps here) Our Scenic trip to California was gorgeous. Now back and I have been planting the flowers pots. and decorating around the garden shed.. Where there is straw under the wicker set will be bricks, ( I talked my neighbor out of them when they removed their fireplace) I have to go get them yet,,, I have my eye on a couple flowering trees too to strategically place for some shade around the shed. I have an umbrella ( its there on the couch) but take it down when the wind is blowing as it did today. I want the flowers to grow quickly and hope the ones I have in mind will frame this spot where I can escape to dream up more projects, reflect on life and just get away to when I need a break.. I have a vision in mind and its going to take a whole lot to bring it all together. Do you do this? I Clip photos, drawings and pictures from magazines of what my "dream shed " should look like.. It never comes  together quickly I keep reminding myself.  I do have another quick trip to Washington May 8th for only a week.. To visit my Mom and 3sisters for Mother's day and then Ill be back to start on the veggie garden.. that's awhole other project...  BTW  I had to put the "girls" into a bigger caged area to keep them out of the garden and My Dream place... They didn't like that much but are getting used to it...and egg production has not halted because of it...thankfully.  So until I get back to these projects.. take care and be good to yourself..

March 27, 2013

YAY! I have been waiting patiently to announce that
We are going to be grandparents again!!
Our daughter Nancy and her husband Simon  are expecting their first baby!  Nancy has a son..  Oh My .. Jacob will be  23 this year!   These things happen right?  A total surprise for us all.
We are all over the moon... Its been nearly 5 years  since  our sweet "Charlie"was our son Dennis his wife  Michelle.   Now Pj and the boys can have another baseball player or football player coming up in the ranks. maybe.. but don't want to get ahead of our game.. Our only granddaughter Kandace Dennis' first child  is 25 in  a couple weeks.. just thinking about this makes me feel old... I was there when she was born... My OH My.. Life sure makes us think about our blessings.. and  We have plenty to be thankful for.
So as the babe develops  so will my updates..  What great News to share...


March 16, 2013

Spoiled by Spring like weather

It is still too early to plant but I am really itching to get staarted. My first step is to go to Bend Oregon Monday with mt friend Leslie to a couple Nurseries do some windowshopping and have a nice lunch.
I have plans to make a cold frame to put outside the garden shed.. and  my husband has built me a folding taable for starting my seedlings. I bought apackage of organic lettuce this morning and will start those soon.  The weather has been in the 60's this whole week and the night temps are hovering around freezing still.. so I need to prepare for this as I plant.
HAve you been able to start planting? I am really thinking Spring!

February 26, 2013

We have been busy this past week. Painting our bedroom.. ordering new bedding and making several to do lists..Thank goodness my husband helps paint  well, actually he did most of it. while I transformed my craft room into space for my new office for my new home business.  I  purchased this cool blackboard  made from a window frame.. last week and Hubby hung it over my desk area..
What business you wonder?
 Check out my website at then come come back and pop over to my "this hens a cookin website ( click on the egg carton in my sidebar link)  I will share there about this fabulous company.

Here at home we are getting ready to paint the dining room and hall.. I think were dreaming thinking its going to be spring! Still very cold in the mornings  but warming up a bit during the day hours. I have basil growing in my kitchen pots but thats it.. I look outside into the garden at the "girls" scratching the surface and long to get outside and start the gardening.. sigh*

With new ideas and plans coming together while the weather warms my days are full..  but they always are... The Grands are settled in their school life and daughter is working hard to maintain her 4. in her masters program..(She has her Oregon State Teaching license now) and ready to do some substiturte  teaching until she gets hired on as a fulltime teacher.
They all come on the weekends to Sunday dinner and to shoot targets set up in the back yard with their bows and arrows and I get to play a few hands of cards while visitng with my daughter... I am happy and feeling so mch better after the long bout with sinus issues.  Yes, life is good here and we have many blessings to count...How about you? Are you working on any special projects?

February 19, 2013


I am so excited... I have been working on a project I am about to share over on "This Hen's A Cookin " blog..Go ahead  you can take a peak... The project is a long time coming  and researching and finally I decided.. to take the leap.... That's all I'm saying today....

February 17, 2013

New old toys

 My dear friend Leila Foley from Washington gave me these two new pieces to add to my collection of toys on my last visit. I displayed them on top of my red book case..I love them and look for old toys and children's books  at thrift stores and garage sales.
 I'm in my second childhood I think . A while back I made cloth dolls and fabric sheep.. Haven't brought out the sewing machine in awhile but plan to this Spring. I have a few other toys and replicas and need to take pictures of them  and will post them another time..
Do you fall into this "second childhood "category? I think it happened when my kids all moved away.. The empty nest gave me lots of new things to collect and spend my time and  money on.. including blogging and reading other peoples blogs.. and Pintrest! I hope you have found the path to doing fun things and collecting things just because you can.  

February 16, 2013

Saturday Morning treat

Its been awhile since I posted  about the "Girls"
They come running when they see me headed to the Garden shed where we store their feed..  They eat 
the meal worms right from my hand..but wait  There are a couple missing... I call them.. I check their coop... Yep! they are busy .. but will get their treat later..  They have been really good through out the cold winter.. laying 3-4 egg a day.. Our Black Australorp is the oldest and she has been slow to lay .. only a couple a week... She keeps the other girls in line.. and usually sits late afternoon.. I love my chickens.. they  are so entertaining and is first to come get her treat..  

February 15, 2013

Wow! what a great Valentines gift

A fabulous gift from my daughter  for Valentines day. I was given a gift certificate for an Aqua Massage.. Have you had one?  They are awesome.. and I plan to frequent the bed often.. The therapies  are only 15 minutes long and make you feel fabulous.. Perfect when you are busy and have little time for a full body hour massage... ( although They too are great)..

Also known as "dry hydrotherapy units," aqua massage machines offer either a light or deep tissue massage without personal contact. Water does the work while you are fully clothed, and the best part is that you never get wet.

Aqua machines resemble capsule-shaped tanning beds, complete with a dome that closes over the top. The machine covers your entire body except for your head, so if you are claustrophobic--no worries. A waterproof barrier ensures that you do not get wet while 36 water jets travel up and down the length of your body. The aqua massager produces the sound and motion of water as it massages your body from feet to neck and vice versa.
I recommend  you check out your town to see where you can experience this for little money..15 minutes  ..You deserve this treat...


February 14, 2013

Cleaver Valentine Mailbox

Grandson Peyton  made his Valentine box for school . He has a terrific witty teacher and the class was assigned a project for collecting their classmates valentines today.  Peyton decided to make his Really special and BIG. He used a 6 ft box ( from a bed frame) and made his look like his teacher Mr. Buchan .  His classmates will drop their valentines into the open mouth  of  his teachers photo ( cut away ). His mom asked the teacher if she could  take his picture and he accommodated the request not knowing what it was for. I bet he was surprised to see this coming through his classroom door .
Do you remember when you were in grade school and made  those envelopes that hung behind your chair? or even decorated shoe boxes left on your desk?  ...and we thought we were cleaver! This kid has some creative talent don't you think?

BTW.. I did  have special valentines here waiting here when they come after school....
They each loved their Valentines with $5.00 bill  and  package of  a Big League Chew Bubble Gum..
Yikes!!   I know..SUGAR RUSH!   but Gram ma's can do that on occasion ...Right?

UPDATE :    HE won in the Funny Category!  YEA!  His Teacher had three prizes..  "Funny.."Most Original" and Most Colorful  Each winner got a $10 Subway Gift Card!

February 12, 2013

Be my Valentine

Februrary 14th... What do you have planned?
I hope you all have a lovely day..
Love is  Everywhere...and still
I somehow have let the Special day slip up on me..even though I have seen Valentines, Hearts and Candy gifts everywhere I go..
I  know my grandsons will be looking for something special from Papa Clay and Gramma so I better get busy today. How did I let this happen? Sometimes I feel so out of it...Will it be Chocolate? Books? a Game ?  I don't know... we will have to see...I still have time...
and it will be something..Special for them..I promise!

February 10, 2013

A Good Friend...

I'm home after a short trip to Washington. Visited with my dear friend Leila and my mom. We went to River Bend Cafe in North Bend where she lives. I used to live there too and this cafe has had many owners and business names.. Its on the Cascade Golf Course and just off I-90 at exit #436. Leila inspires me with her decorating talent. She has a great eye for color and has taken some fabulous pictures. A nose for sniffing out the best sales and a heart as big as a truck... When I lived there we  have had the opportunity to shop and thrift and craft together .. We even made crafts to sell and called ourselves "Two Charming Chicks".  I love her like a sister and really miss our time together.. I try to see her when I get up there and hope  one day she will make it down to my neighborhood.. Do you have a Good Friend living in another state that you can go visit? We will always be in touch...

January 30, 2013

Master Bathroom Finished

Our Master Bathroom is finished..and I Love it! The new shades are beautiful and I knew they would be.. Papa Clay had them hung in record time..He's  such a sweetie. * wasn't sure about the purple.. but  now agrees it looks Great!
In the 2nd picture the painting  was done by our grandson Charlie (4 yrs) I got it for Christmas and was inspired to re paint the bathroom in Purple with the pinks and pastels for accents. Now aAll I need is Purple towels and a new bathmat.. ( Shopping trip coming up now)  It takes so little to make big changes.. (Did I say Purple my favorite color? ) The enamel painted pot with roses was done by my friend Leila in Washington. (it hides  an extra roll of toilet paper.)  Don't you just love the color change? Really warms it up and now I think I will go take a bubble bath... after I light the candles and pour myself a glass of wine.. ahh.! A true Purple Bliss Hit!

January 28, 2013

Life Through different Windows

Today I feel a bit better, although it's again gray and gloomy outside.  My readers make me feel better.. realizing its just "January Funk".. and I'm determined to rise above it and think better thoughts.. 

So  Here I go.. Sharing a view from a different WINDOW!

Some time ago I became obsessed with old windows. I have these in and outside our home. The one above is over the guest bed.. It has nothing in the panes... I stained the frame and just hung it.. Thinking I may want to add a bit more to it..
 The scenery one below has pictures from our travels in Utah ( the Canyon Lands) and  Arizona. I again left the frame as found..paint peeling.. I think it adds charm.. ( the photo shows streaks on the pictures I think from a reflection, They are not visible on the original glass )
The two on the chicken coop and shed were taken from an old lodge in Oregon. They were on cabins at Lake Creek.  The turquoise frames I painted and added mirrors to and hung them on my family room wall..  I keep seeing ideas for old windows to be used in the garden .. I like that idea too... 


January 27, 2013

I'm in the Dumps!

It is Not SPRING!
 I even  changed the blog background and on my computer.. Hoping to feel a bit better...
Oh how I am thinking along that season... I really am tired of the Snow and cold weather.   I look out my window I see clouds forming and weather report say more of that silly white stuff coming tonight.
As long as I see a blue sky I can cope..but  these days of fog and chill need to go away! Even my "girls" think its time for the ground to thaw.. so they can come out and soak up some sun.. on days like today I have no motivation to sew, or paint or cook.. Depressing isn't it? Do you get like this? I hate it..So I should just  "SNAP OUT OF IT!" Maybe its best to have a cup of tea and get out my craft magazines..or read a few of the blogs I follow...  there may be something that will catch my attention and Jump start this old  lady!
Hope you are not feeling this way today.. but if you are?  You have company...
Thanks for being here for me....

January 26, 2013

Birthday lunch for Birthday Boy!

Today is our  grandson, Peyton's Birthday #12. Yesterday Papa Clay and I took him to lunch. He got to choose the restaurant and his choice was "Wingers".. He had never been there so it was an Adventure for sure.. as we scanned the menu after the waitress asked if he wanted an Adult menu or kiddie one, of course he quickly said  "Adult  Please" He chose Chicken and waffle tower..  Not sure he could eat it all or how big a portion we agreed what he didn't eat he could take home..
The order arrived and to my surprise ( I also ordered the same) It was quite good.  He ate the large chicken breast and took  home 3/4 of the waffle..  Of course we had to check out the dessert menu but decided he was too full at the moment.. Added surprise after a quick stop at a store to pick up another item we popped into Baskin and Robbins for a surprise ice cream .. Again his choice of flavors.. Bubblegum Ice cream  and " Gummy Bears on top.   Happy, now and full of sweet carbs.. We returned to our home.. Mama and brother Mason picked him up on their way home from doing some birthday shopping..
Peyton was very polite and a pleasure to take with us.  This afternoon we will have his Birthday Cake  and  Pressies.  Next Saturday he has 10 friends from school invited to go Bowling as an extended party. I think this kid has it right. Make these birthdays last as long as you can... a kid after my heart.. Go Peyton!  Happy Birthday!

January 22, 2013

Let the project begin....

It really takes  a lot of time to prep a room to paint no matter what the size doesn't it?
I think I really am going to like the color.. Papa Clay started rolling on the paint while I taped the counters and mirror.  A couple days and it will be done.. Just wanted to show you we have begun the project...

January 21, 2013

What color?

Project : Repaint the master bathroom
We are getting ready to paint the bathroom off our master. I chose purple for the cellular shade... Being brave I went with a dark color and  will paint the walls a very light shade of purple.. I may be out of my mind?  I love the color.. will replace my towels, and rugs and other accessories to compliment the color.. It took me forever to decide on colors... I think I picked every paint sample from the display trying to decide.. Do you do this?
I visualize it completed and hope it will make me happy... I am thinking of doing some faux paint technique to tie in the colors with the master bedroom. Those shades are ordered for that room too and we chose a pretty green. Gee now I  will need to go shop for new bed coverings... one small project sure can lead to a bigger one can't it? Do you have home decorating projects in your plans?

January 20, 2013

Sunday Dinner at Gramma and Papa Clay's

Today is  Sunday ...The week has ended or it is beginning whatever you believe.

We are starting a "family " tradition with my daughter Pj and her two sons.  "Sunday Dinner at Gramma & Papa's". We are certainly not the "Walton's" nor a Norman Rockwell depiction of the family picture... There will be silliness. and the usual chaos .
Whats for dinner?  This Sunday..  In my plan.. The Walton picture floats back to my mind. I will  make a Turkey Casserole with fresh vegetables and fruit. Pj will bring dessert and the boys part will be to clear the table and play nicely.. Papa Clay will load the dishwasher. .Once we gather at the table, remind the boys of their table manners and to put their napkins in their laps..our dinner conversation will turn to a joke that one of the boys found funny...what we did this week at school, sharing a story or two and plans for Peyton's 12th Birthday  next Saturday (Bowling) with his friends. Sounds nice?  Okay go back and read.. "In my Plan...because things never seem to go as planned do they?  But this is what we try....
Papa Clay and I have missed so many of those celebrations living so far away, until now.We hope to create memories like my children have of Sunday dinners at their grandparents. Perhaps we can gather around the table after its cleared and play a game... watch a family movie or they boys may decide sledding down the hill to be still a possibility. The hopes to have them "unplug" for awhile from TV..their DSI's . A Wii game or the Xbox ( what are those things anyways?)
Do you get the opportunity to make memories with your Grands? We hope you do... and that you enjoy what time you have together..  Now just what are we having for dessert?
Please  make it a good day full of laughter and don't forget to excuse yourself before you leave the table.

January 19, 2013

Good Morning!
Did you sleep well? Have you got creativity flowing today? I must say I am on a roll. Yesterday my daughter asked me to come look at a futon frame she was going to discard, then thought maybe she could make a bench with the wood.. but what I saw was a shelf unit for her wall. She just told me she needed a shelf to display some of her "Americana" decor ..
 So we eyeballed the placement and configured this..from the sides or arm sections.  Another project also in the planning stage.
We then went to town to check out some other items I needed and I found this picture at Ross.. didn't even think twice about putting it in my shopping cart.

Fits perfectly at my kitchen door entry... and a steal it was only $6.99 pretty good huh? So what are you doing today? My list is growing..Whatever you're planning, Enjoy  your day. .
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon... ya hear?

January 18, 2013

 Okay my Lovelies..
I am inspired by Kelli Nina Perkins
I just ordered her book  from Amazon "Stitch Alchemy" this morning ( can't wait for it to arrive).. and plan to do some artwork. I think I have some creative juices flowing today..after my first good night sleep in ages....  and want to start a project..  I know,  I can do this.. Headed to the fabric store and Michael's.. just to get more inspired.. It's really cold outside right now only 4 fabulously  sub Freezing degrees... but the sun is shining..
Do you ever feel like  you just gotta get out there and tackle a new project?  Kelli uses mixed media and I really have a bundle of that around here.. I may  even get into my craft room and do some organizing now that the grandsons have moved out and their room needs to be put back into "My Room".. I'm sure I can even come up with a project or two for them to try, next time they come over... So I'm off....  You all have a super day doing whatever inspires you... be creative.. try something you have never tried before...

January 17, 2013

Im back!

  Where  Have or Haven't I been ?

I have been away from my faithful readers for a Long time.. But I'm back.. I am ready to start 2013. So much has been going on here.. between family and our cold winter weather, taking care of the chickens and life in general...
I don't know where to begin. Let me start with:
"Personal Health Checks" and my Mammogram and now I have completed those I'm feeling good.  Have you had your yearly exam? Thank goodness for Medicare and my supplemental Insurance coverage! Yeah I'm 65 now and feel it in my bones...muscles and joints.. but healthy and that's what counts right?
 I am happy to say my  youngest daughter PJ and her two sons, Peyton and Mason are settled in their new home and are doing well in school.. PJ was living with us for a couple months while she settled here in Klamath Falls.  She is  enrolled in her Education Masters program and doing well.  It was a big move for her and us  we survived..
Having  youngsters  here 24 /7 has given me a clearer  appreciation for our Quiet time... Our routine  and Lifestyle .. Don't get me wrong.. I  love these grandsons to the moon and back.. It has just been an adjustment for all of us.. We are planning weekly dinners on Sundays now when possible and I think everyone will appreciate our family time.
Papa Clay has adjusted better than me really.... and as time passes and the days  open to opportunities for making memories " at grammas & papas we will have many stories to tell...
I am planning to revamp  this blog and share with you more of whats happening here at Blue Sky Farm. I have missed reading the blogs I follow and will get back into the swing of blogging.. It's #1 right now on my to do list..
So Welcome back.. Thanks for stopping by... Until next time.. stay warm and safe...