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February 14, 2013

Cleaver Valentine Mailbox

Grandson Peyton  made his Valentine box for school . He has a terrific witty teacher and the class was assigned a project for collecting their classmates valentines today.  Peyton decided to make his Really special and BIG. He used a 6 ft box ( from a bed frame) and made his look like his teacher Mr. Buchan .  His classmates will drop their valentines into the open mouth  of  his teachers photo ( cut away ). His mom asked the teacher if she could  take his picture and he accommodated the request not knowing what it was for. I bet he was surprised to see this coming through his classroom door .
Do you remember when you were in grade school and made  those envelopes that hung behind your chair? or even decorated shoe boxes left on your desk?  ...and we thought we were cleaver! This kid has some creative talent don't you think?

BTW.. I did  have special valentines here waiting here when they come after school....
They each loved their Valentines with $5.00 bill  and  package of  a Big League Chew Bubble Gum..
Yikes!!   I know..SUGAR RUSH!   but Gram ma's can do that on occasion ...Right?

UPDATE :    HE won in the Funny Category!  YEA!  His Teacher had three prizes..  "Funny.."Most Original" and Most Colorful  Each winner got a $10 Subway Gift Card!


Debby said...

How cute is that. Very original.

Junebug said...

Love that valentine box and I'm sure his teacher did also. He had to win a prize with that idea!!! I remember in class we had to make the same box all the same so no kids was left out or different. Funny how thing change and this time for the good!

Happy Valentine's Day