Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

July 31, 2010

Spectacular Escape

I couldn't pass up these opportunities to capture  Beauty at its best. The first two photos  are the skyline Sunday evening  from our back patio porch.

Tuesday,  we decided to go to Crescent Lake to camp for a few days. The weather was really nice and warm and after we set up our camp in this prestine setting I took these shots.

 As we were breaking camp yesterday morning I spotted these "Common Meganzers" swimming past our campsite...

Truely a great three days, We spent a lot of time on the lake fishing  and cruising (although we didn't catch even one fish). Enjoyed the time in the sun and fresh air, leaving at home  our stressors. Truely a great escape don't you agree....? This coming weekend we head to Washington State for a week. I will post more pictures when I return of that trip.