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My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

July 27, 2011

Bartender proper...

I stopped in at the Goodwill this morning.. just to browse... I spotted this cool bar tool set  combo-ice bucket made of stainless steel.. I have always made do when entertaining guests who drink socially ( like me) and those non- alcohol sippers as well, Now I can mix drinks properly and feel like a cocktail bartender... It was a steal for $8 bucks. Thinking I have a cocktail guide  recipe book in my cookbook shelf somewhere and with dinner guests company coming again this weekend , I think I should start preparing the bar... Cheers!

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July 26, 2011

A morning walk and flowers too...

I must share with you blogger friends & followers, Yesterday, I  met  the sweetest gal . Mary Carroll some may know her as her  blog "biblioblog,"( she is one of the blogs I follow &  you can access her blog through my side bar.). She  lives close to me and we had never met, we have  been following each others blogs for awhile now...Blogging  bring opportunity to meet  new friends. We never know who we will meet from blogging do we... How great is that?

I had to stop along a walk this morning along  our country roadside to pick these wildflowers. Aren't they beautiful? I added a bunch of white tea roses that grow in my front drive way. A perfect bouquet for my living room table.

The second bouquet is of roses I planted a couple years ago and they faithfully have survived yet another year.. The pink one is a Lady Princess Diana, my favorite and the yellow ones are a climber and a surprise as I wasn't sure when I bought it what color would appear.  A few stalks of lavender finish the vase. Lavender grows very well  in my flower bed and I do love it as well.

July 25, 2011

Patio aglow

 I was sitting on the patio last night and thought I needed some candles or something to brighten the night. I found some glass pieces a friend gave me and dumped them into a mason quart jar added a votive candle and whalla! There was light! I wish the photo was better but you can see a bit of a glow there.. Nice to have while we sit out on these summer nights. A few more might be needed to cover the entire railing...

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July 23, 2011

A lot going on today in K-Falls

There is a lot  going on today... I wish we could  have attended the air show and a potluck BBQ at one of 
the Charming chicks homes, The spot to view would have been stellar...but Clay wasn't quite up to it.( his eye was still quite painful earlier today). I am sure the gals & their husbands enjoyed the show and their fabulous potluck fare. Not wanting to let the day go by without enjoying some activity,
We thought about  the Klamath Falls Brew & Blues Festival held downtown to benefit CASA  today  but that too was a bit too crowded for us today, so we decided to support the Klamath Falls Gems Baseball team for awhile tonight, We can leave if he starts becoming uncomfortable and  time to get away and enjoy one of our favorite sport events.  All while enjoying some fresh  air and community.  We had no idea that the radiation treatments " after care" would be so draining...(no pun intended) ....on us. Clay's eye is getting better it just really burns and stings and isn't very pleasant to look at, . I would be much more vain than he is even with an eye patch...Trying to see with one eye is difficult... I give him credit and we are thankful that there is a 90% chance the cancer has been treated.
There will be always be another blues festival, and BBQ's   

July 22, 2011

Not the biggest but a yummy catch...

We took a short trip to Crescent Lake to "forget our stress and for some sanity". We had a great couple days and were able to get out on the lake to fish. Kokenee were our desired catch and Clay caught 2 one day & released them, unsure of he'd like them or not so yesterday We went out again at 6 in morning to catch the "big one." Although this was not the Big one we did keep it and cooked it up  for lunch. Yummy...Now he is hooked, no pun intended but he did change his mind after eating it.  We hope to return when Clay is feeling better.. It was nice to get away  for a few days, while his eye heals..Fortunately for us we can go again and it's not too far.

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July 14, 2011

A peaceful place...

Today is a reflection day for me..A day to gather my thoughts and find a peaceful place in my world. Here a captured photo of our sky a few nights ago. It looked like rain, peaceful, no wind and a calming feeling.  I am thinking of family, My daughter, Nancy  (many may know her as "Self Care Girl}" is in Australia, Her Husband has a chance to move there with her for a whole year..She is there working on a 3-6 months project and  it looks like she will be there longer, so fitting that her husband can be sent there as well working for Boeing has some great perks.. My youngest daughter  has just interviewed for a teaching position in her children's school district ( where she has be substitute teaching for two years) So that sounds positive for her. My son is working as is his wife as Artists in their own fields, He is a Comedy Magician entertainer and she is an excellent artistic muralist.  That brings you to my husband who has just completed a treatment of many days radiation therapy for Basel cell cancer  on one of his eyelids and one on his temple. We hope the treatments are successful as the pain on  his eyelid is really bad. He suffers not so quietly sometimes and as his wife and sole caregiver  You know how husbands can be "babies", but I must sympathize with him as it looks really yukky, and I can only imagine it does  present painful situation and wearing an eye patch * as a pirate may be his Halloween costume..(Joking..) He is just very verbal on pain issues right now..and I will accept him as he is.. most of the time a wonderful man..  So all that said I think I need a cuppa tea and sit back a bit and count my blessings...

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