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July 27, 2011

Bartender proper...

I stopped in at the Goodwill this morning.. just to browse... I spotted this cool bar tool set  combo-ice bucket made of stainless steel.. I have always made do when entertaining guests who drink socially ( like me) and those non- alcohol sippers as well, Now I can mix drinks properly and feel like a cocktail bartender... It was a steal for $8 bucks. Thinking I have a cocktail guide  recipe book in my cookbook shelf somewhere and with dinner guests company coming again this weekend , I think I should start preparing the bar... Cheers!

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Mary said...

When I drank (years ago), I just needed a corkscrew and a glass! Good find Cheryl.

Carol............. said...

So what wild concoction can you fix me with Merlot? LOL

Great find!

Love the candle jar idea...will hve to steal that one!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a great deal! Hope you enjoy it. I have never been to a Goodwill, however, I have ordered a boook from a Goodwill on The book was in excellent condition and such a great price. Have a great week! blessings,Kathleen