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My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

September 30, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I must apologize to my faithful readers..I have not posted since Sept 15th... I have been so Busy.... The garden is put to rest, now the potaoes are harvested and "the girls " are happy to be back inside the garden gate.
My pantry shelves are full and I just made batch of blackberry Jam.
My sister and her husband came to visit and left yesterday after a week of fun and she helped me make the jam. I had time today to change the guest bed and refresh the room.. Clay's brother and his wife are arriving tomorrow late afternoon.. Monday I have routine labs done at the hostpital and Tuesday is my follow up Dr appointment before leaving for Australia.. October 11th.  (Thats only 11 days from now ).You know how that goes, getting flu shot and rx refills for the time away.. I have a couple things ready to pack but not quie sure what I will need for weather conditions there.. I am thinking  early "Spring" attire: layered shirts and sweaters cropped pants then once there we fly to the Barrier Reef so tropical summer clothes. How am I going to pack all this in one large case? Easy daughter and I wear nearly the same size so I will borrow from her anything I dont need to take..
She has planned a great itenerary for us.. including a couple wine tours, dinners, sightseeing and kick back time and to celebrate My 65th Birthday! I know I will be exhausted after the 15 hour flight say nothing about the four hour drive to catch the first leg of the journey from Reno to Los Angeles.. Lucky my flight leaves at 11:30 PM so I can sleep ( I hope ) on the plane. That is if I am not too excited to get there.. books on my Kindle Fire will be handy and my daughter told me I will have the opportunity to watch 5 movies.. OMG.. Have you ever taken a trip this far? .  I will miss my husband and Buster but this is a trip of a lifetime and "a bucket list"item.... and They will be fine "holding down the fort". My mind is racing and I am trying my best to keep organized..I promise to post  while away... so come back and check in..

No. Not my front porch.. I saw this on FB from a friends site and had to post it here.. Is'nt it inviting?
Enjoy your Fall decorating and I hope you get to make a trip like this sometime too..

September 15, 2012

I really SCORED

Today I really scored while out with my friend Leslie.  After a nice breakfast we headed on into town to complete some errands. We  stopped to "look" at some new furniture we were both in the market for.  I am looking for a new bedroom set.. and found a perfect one at a great price, but the husband is out of town until Tuesday and we  have an agreement not to make any major purchase without the other being present.. But I got a  deal I couldn't pass up..You know how that works..  Well here is the purchase I scored big time. This recliner rocker chair is a dura -fabric looks like leather  and a floor model has a tiny scratch on the side and a smudge on the back .Retailed at $699.00 My price $50.00  Yes,, 50 and the three drawer chest with a tiny scratch at the bottom... listed at $599..My price $20.  My husband  will be surprised when he gets home Tuesday..I didn't tell him I bought them..
I think I scored well don"t you? It always makes me feel Good to get a bargain and these were brand new off the showroom floor.  

September 8, 2012

Its feeling and looking like Fall

It is begining to look and feel like  Fall around here.. I started decorating my door and got side tracked ( yes I do that often.)  I noticed that our local "Klamath Falls "midgies or greenie"  Bugs have finally disappeared..Thank Goodness..the swarms were bad this year...

We could actually  walk out to the garden with out face masks.. They do not bite but look like a greenish mosquito and are a real treat for the birds and fish.. so they are of some good I suppose.. The underside of these sunflowers leaves provided shade  during the day.. and were covered...  if disturbed they would swarm.. Yuk!
 I dont know why but  two of the these 5 sunflowers produced multiple  flowers.. pretty huh? ( from the same seed packet... go figure..)

Today we took in the 61st annual Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair..  To me this means Fall...
Loved watching the sheep shearing demo... This sweet animal seemed to like his haircut.. 

And  of course there was  a huge array of Fair food choices.. and being a gorgeous day certainly added to the pouring of fair goers.. old an d young alike.. 
I didn't have my camera with me only the cell phone one so I missed taking shots of the gorgeous handmade quilts and food judged displays.. These  are some of my favorite things to see along with the animals.. So that's what I did today... how about you? Is it feeling like Fall where you live?

September 6, 2012

Travel,Travel and More Travel..

I suppose, one might say  that I am being spoiled.. I love being retired and travel is one of my favorite things to do.  (and it is true.)   I am getting excited about the upcoming travel opportunities! First to Australia to visit with my daughter Nancy and her husband Simon. They have been working and living  in Melbourne for over a year and have paid for my trip for my 65th birthday.. How sweet is that?

I have never been there and with all the things m daughter has planned I will not forget this adventure. we will be also flying to Hamilton Island for a week while there, just the two of us.. exploring the Barrier Reef..

Back, When I turned 60  my two daughters Nancy, Pj and daughter in law Michelle went to San Francisco and spent three days. I thought that was a fabulous adventure..just the "girls".  Wow!  I am so blessed.

When I return after this adventure the first week of November, I rest up for a couple weeks and  will be back in the air the day before Thanksgiving... This time to Hawaii..with my sister in law Jackie... for 10 lovely warm days in November. Her air miles paid for both our sweet is that?  I am really going to enjoy the time with her too.. Our husbands are going to remain at home keeping those warm fires burning.. while we are warmed by the sun... Its quite a job I am finding  figuring  out what clothes I will need to pack.. Spring in Australia .. tropical weather in Hawaii...  I am truly a lucky lady to have the time and a husband so supportive of my adventures.. I will  be posting many pictures when I return.. Can you think of a better way to end the year? Just think of all the Christmas shopping I can do..
Have you got travel plans coming up?  Need to get out the packing list...
Good day my mates and Aloha too..