Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

October 31, 2008

Boo! Happy Halloween

Hello everyone:
Tonight is not my favorite holiday.... if it is a holiday? I honestly never got excited over it. I know lots of people do. I went to Jo Anns last night & I swear there were 50 people crammed around the check stand, purchasing those last minute costume fabrics, trims & mask making supplies. Just tell me why did they wait til the night before halloween to make the costumes? It was 7 pm and I wandered over to Michaels store and Sure enough there were even more late shoppers there. I decided I needed a treat for me since I was tricked to think I could make a simple purchase of two items not related to Halloween, I went to the parking lot to get into my daughter in laws car and could not remember what kind of a car she had. I remembered it was dark blue/or green and a Toyota, but wouldnt ya know it there were 4 cars all the same color where I had parked. I did remember the baby seat frame was in the back seat fortunately so I peaked in all the windows & found the right one.... I was given instructions of how to get to Starbucks from Michaels parking lot and quickly ..and skipped over to Starbucks to be warmly welcomed & quickly served with a chai tea latte before returning to my sons house. That was my Treat for the night! until I got home to a very sweet baby waiting for his gramma to hold him... ( I assume he was waiting for me... wasn't he?) My son returned from doing a magic show and we were going to go eat out but as late as it was and decided by the time the baby was fed, mama changed his pants, get herself ready we could warm up some really good chicken soup that a nice neighbor had brought by earlier. So after full tummies & dry diaper we retired for the evening.. I had a nice treat earlier... Tonight I will accompany my son at a magic show presentation where he will preform.
I do like to decorate for fall with pumpkins fall leaves and scented candles and this is a great opportunity to open the Coming up holidays ( which I love) Thanksgiving and Christmas!

October 30, 2008

Visiting great friends

Well here I am , Still in colorado until Saturday. My dear son & his wife and our "Charlie" drove me to meet up with a dear friend in Lyons Colorado. We had a very nice lunch yesterday at PF Changs Restaraunt. Judie and I then did a short tour of Boulder downtown, I was able to purchase two dog bone cookie cutters to use for the MaryJane Doggie treats. I then stayed over night with them and Judie & her husband Mike are great hosts and have a lovely home nestled in a Norman Rockwell setting. What a gorgeous home. Took a few pictures to show Clay.

We had a fabulous dinner last night and sat and talked for hours. I wish my husband was here to partake in this visit, We did call him and spoke to him for quite a while and have made tentative plans for Mike & Judie to come to Oregon to visit next year sometime. Clay & I wil research the Lake Shasta area and they will join us for a really good visit.

I will meet up with my son around noon today to head back to Denver.
I have introduced Judie to Mary jane connection and as "sugarbeet" she will join the forums soon. Waiting to see her on the forum posting.

October 29, 2008

Day trip for Charlie

Today, Dennis & family will take me to visit my friends in Lyons Colorado. We will meet them for lunch and I will stay over night with them, catching up on life. I wish Clay was here to enjoy the time with them, But we will make arrangements to meet up in the spring sometime.
Charlie will be going for his long distant out ting. I think Dennis said it was about 30-45 minute drive. Dennis will come get me tomorrow after his CAPE job.
I will really like seeing Mike & Judie.
It was brought to my attention that my daughter did not know who Dr Spock was....with reference to her comment! Not from Star trek, Nancy.... ( I know you really did know that) but He was a 60's-70's pediatrician who thought he knew all about child rearing.. Some of his ideas were BUNK.. others of some value...I believe his books were as informative as the video is of "The best baby on the block" which could in my opinion be shortened to a 30 minute presentation. I did not have these tools, only common sense and a mom who had her own experience with 4 children. and the advice and guidance of her mom who birthed 10 children. Experience does speak volumes!
I think from that experience background & having had 3 children myself, and handling pretty much the whole process of a newborn through graduation alone the best message is Parenting by both parents is essential. My daughter in law is fortunate that my son is as involved as she is to caring for Charlie.
If only I had a husband who shared those early morning feedings and diaper changes. Let alone want to be involved in their daily care as well as allow me some sleep time.
Michelle is a great mommy for Charlie and is providing him with a great start in this world. Charlie will have many adventures and learning how to be creative and happy. I can see he is very contented and loved by both his parents.

October 28, 2008


I have had time to reflect on the impactof grandchildren while here at Dennis & Michelle's, I realize that there have been many studies, tons of research on Childbirth and the early days of bringing a baby into a loving home, I don't know how I managed to have three healthy babies and care for them without all this knowledge, In my opinion.
I am sure that a lot of things we did with our children in the late 60's & early 70's with the help of our mothers who generally came to give a helping hand, is now old fashioned, but the love we showered a child with while attendling to his /her basic needs, food, diaper changes and allowing baby to sleep enough started them in life as we know it on as good a foundation as any books can teach young parents today. I realize that new modern techniques are coming every day and even as this new child developes there will be other new and better things. My hope is that Charlie and his parents will forgive me of any of the shortcomings I may have with regards to being a mom first and now a grandma.. I know Denns & Michelle will be fabulous parents and teach Charlie all the right make him a healthy and happy child.
Probably, my most rewarding feelings come from seeing my son interact with his son. I am given proof I did somethings right because he never came with an instruction tag attached when he was born & I didn't even follow Dr Spock!

October 26, 2008

Quiet Day

Today Charlie is 1 week old. He is adjusting to life outside in the real world very well.
His little features are changing and he is starting to loose the "newborn" look.
I see a mixture of Dennis & Michele for sure in his face.

When he rarely cries he wrinkles his forehead and really squalks!
His mama has taken him for a couple carriage walks around the block and he enjoys the ride as he falls asleep.
He has had a few of his parents friends stop by to meet him and they are as impressed as we are over how precious he is.
I took these pictures last night of his tiny hand compared to his parents. You can see it really is quite a contrast in size and he has nice long fingers.

Charlie's "protector Dog" rests next to Charlie in this photo.

October 25, 2008

No No NO bath Please!

Oh goodness, He sure didn't like his first sponge bath.
But he settled down after wards very quickly when he was dressed and fed.
Charlie has certainly captured our hearts.

He is so good.
He is content and very quiet. until he wants boobfood... then he squirms & squeals and lets his mama know hes ready for refueling.

He is sleeping four hours between feedings so I am sure he is satisfied as this picture implies.

More precious pictures coming..I have camera in my pocket!

October 23, 2008

I think his daddy loves him

I am afraid to actually say this so soon, but Charlie is a baby who never cries. He squeeks a bit and squirms enough to let Mom know that he's ready for the lunchroom to open. After he eats he is a real gentleman, he minds his manners and entertains himself looking around at his new surroundings. He has had a few visitors and is the star attraction this weekend for his Daddy & mama to show off to their friends.

His daddy had to work today a few hours in his office here in charlie's house, Daddy sure had a time staying on task cuz he kept coming out of his office to see what Cahrlie was doing.. & wouldn't ya know it.. Charlie ended up in Daddy's arms... I think Dennis is consumed much as Michelle. Dennis keeps remarking on how much fun this baby is even though he was tired...I am sure Michelle is just as tired since she has the lunchroom duty. That was the comment he made this morning at 6:30 when he staggered to the coffee pot..

The home nurse visit was today and Charlie passed with flying colors. He is eating well, and the diapers are flying off & on as they should be. He lost a little weight before he left the hospital, but has gained a lot of it back and is at 9lbs 4 oz. today. So his mama is doing a great job keeping the lunchroom open.

He & his parents went for a short walk outside today after his lunch, He was snug as a bug in his new charriot. A real fancy set of wheels..

We have bottles of waterless hand washing gel placed strategically around the house so"No germs are allowed." His Dr has suggested that for the first week or so no school age children be allowed to visit, This will give Charlie time for his immune system to function 100%.

All I can say is What a little dumplin he is and I love him, and I am going to really hate to go home to Oregon..

October 21, 2008

Tomorrow Prince Charles Nash reigns over his kingdom

Yes and his kingdom is ready. His Queen mom has prepaired his room with beautiful bright colors, he has a beautiful crib, and a changing table stocked for his needs. His closet is full of shirts, & sweaters, and all items a baby could need and that includes blankets, & shoes & socks. His King father supplied ample lighting over his rockingchair for reading purposes and is ready to teach him all the magic tricks he knows.
He didn't allow his parent much sleep time last night until early morning as he keptthe keeper of the lunch counter serving and repeatedly needed seconds.
Good Grief, I suppose if you are a big boy ya gotta Eat often.. Hopefully he made an impression as to what he expects and will have put in his snack time order before the lunchroom closes..tonight. These poor providers must get some sleep sometime..but the doorbell to that place better be working.
We grandmothers are anxious to serve him tomorrw when his charriot arrives.


Charles Nash VanderHouwen is here!

9 lbs 15 oz ..21 inches tall

Born Oct 19th, 2008 11:30 Am

C- Section

When his parents told me his name which they decided on months ago, I was impressed his name sounded very distinguished, and I could hear it being called out when he graduates from College with honors. Although I did think "Wow that's a big Name, " little did I know how Big he was going to be, so his name actually fits him well! Ever wonder how that works out? The child usually fits his name..later in his life. We got a head start!

My son is over the moon with pride and my daughter in law is in for a surprise if she thinks he's gonna be a mama's boy... Mother is coping with her delivery pain but doing well. Gramma Cheryl is going to enjoy every minute she is here in Denver, It will be a few months after she leaves before She can see or hold this bundle of joy, Papa Clay was very impressed with pictures of this big guy..My daughter in laws parents are in disbelief that they finally have a grandchild..and have these fabulous smiles on their faces.

Thank you all for your congratulation posts. I will post more of these photos as the weeks progress.

October 19, 2008

5th Grandson Arrives

Yes, He made it here on my Birthday. Today Charles Nash VanderHouwen entered this world. His mama had a C-Section at 11:00 this morning and he was here to greet the thrilled mama & daddy .. All whopping 9#15 oz & 21 inches of him . What a Hunk! He is beautiful and healthy and mama is doing great! Daddy is on cloud #9. This is his second child after a daughter was born 20 years ago! I was presnt for her birth as well. (Charlie is My daughter-in-law's first). My Gosh now I really feel old.
My son's mother-in-law presented me with a birthday cake at the hospital tonight what a lovely surprise. I will be here in Denver for two more weeks. The baby and son & daughter-in-law will come home on Wednesday, providing mama continues to do well..
I will post pictures soon.

October 16, 2008

Packed & ready

A busy day, packed my bag and repacked it (I'm gonna be gone 15 days not sure what Not to pack) but I think I have rearranged enough and so I zip it shut and declare I am ready to make the drive to Portland tomorrow morning...( 5 hours) & I fly to Denver Saturday morning. We will stay over night tomorrow night with Clay's family so it will be a nice stop over.

Gas is $3.27 here today so we filled up the convertable as we get great mileage with it instead of the 4x4 Explorer.

News from Denver baby household is ....everything is a go except Charlie hasn't decided to make the journey south quite yet, I am sure he is waiting for me..So I will be blogging from my son's computer waiting for the arrival...of my sweet grandson.

October 12, 2008

Finally hung the famlily photos

After stepping over & around the family photos laying on the hall floor, We finally hung them all.
We are expecting to add a few in the empty spaces. Our wedding photo and our new grandson's. My daughters need to update their kids pictures with this school years and We are hoping to get the girls to send us pictures of themselves & their husbands to finish the family album wall. Christmas is coming..( Hint Hint)
That being completed we made some "spring rolls" to enjoy when Clay's family arrive tomorrow afternoon. It was another day in the kitchen as I have a roast in the oven for dinner now and Clay is working on his famous "Rib Rub". We also hung another bird feeder for our feathered friends.

October 11, 2008

Nice Saturday Afternoon

Clay & I took a drive around the area, Beautiful views of Mt. Shasta and the Cascades. We had a nice lunch in the forest along the Klamath River, and picked up seeds from a cedar tree and a few acrorns , I will try to plant .
My herbs are planted in the kitchen window:
My Wooden Chicken is in the entry hall with my Quilt wall hanging, Raggedy Ann in Clay's Grandpas child rocker: and my old wooden chicken crate is inthe corner of the kitchen with my farm fresh sign and 3 chicken plates on the wall.

October 10, 2008

Being a Grandma is so much fun!

I am going to Denver..Yipee!
Flying out next Saturday the 18th.
Dennis has a magic show that night and I will get to see him perform..
Michelle you have a tough act to follow!
Then if "charlie hasn't arrived into this world he will perform on the 19th!"
Making it even a more special birthday for me!
I am so excited. This is hubby's birthday pressie to me.
He cannot join me on this trip as he has some other medical business to tend to.
He will be taking me to Portland to catch the plane. Its a 5 hour drive... I could fly straight to SanFrancisco & change planes but a non-stop goes from Portland direct so I chose that flight. and He has family in the area so will go there & then come back to pick me up the 1st of November.
I will post pix of "Charlie " asap.

Friday Morning but No snow!

Another cold morning, but no snow. Cloudy & a bit windy 38 degrees but sunny right now at 11 am.
It was predicted but thankfully it didn't fall. I heard maybe today again but only 30% and that may well be only in the higher areas.

The deer are bedded down on the hillside behind the house, under the juniper trees & prairie grasses & wandering only a few feet grazing on shrubs close. A bit jittery I think since deer season is here and hunters are about.

I canned 6 more jars of Italian prunes this morning and that take care of the remaining I had.
Will make some more bread today. Priced it yesterday in the store nearly $4 a loaf, for a healthy & wholesome loaf, not the cheaper white fluff.
We are really working on reducing our household costs here as winter sets in, with our economy where it is. It is a challenge for everyone I am sure.
Bought energy saving light bulbs yesterday and gleaned the remaining beets and peas from the garden.

October 9, 2008

More pictures before winter

This is our Buster

The rooster until we get a real one!

Here a few pictures of the kitchen & one of the guest rooms

Thursday Morning

brrrrrrrr its cold this morning.
Just hung out a load of laundry and my fingers are freezing..
Have a few errands to run today,and getting a late start.
I did get some Italian Prunes and canned 6 jars last night.
I need more jars and want to do some prune jam as well.
I am not sure what the difference is between plums & prunes but they are good..

Spent the day in Bend Oregon yesterday Dr appointment for Clay and Lunch with sister in law and her mum.
Nice lunch & visit at Anthony's.
I always love seafood and this is a chain We visited alot in Washington when we lived there.

October 6, 2008

Clay and I welcome you to our home.
I will post other pictures so you can see some of my

Come on in....

The pond is nearly empty this time of the year, but a few birds & frogs still inhabit the low water. Spring run off from the snow will fill it again in time for the ducks returning.

Coming into the driveway.

Welcome to our Home " the Blue Sky Homestead"

Here is my badge! I finally finished it.

October 5, 2008

No plums

Neighbor gone said to pick the fruit...No plums... but more apples. I think johnathans , very crisp and tart sweet, round and red.. maybe winesaps.. whatever they are good!


Went to church, and to lunch at a nice resturant with hubby. Exchanged a lamp from purchase yesterday as it was broken when we took it out of the box. (Boy was it a test to put the darn thing back into the original packaging).
Now have been working on posting pictures on here, I will figure it out eventually....
Baked 3 apple spice cakes in quart jars.. sealed fine.

Just saw 5 deer on the hill behind our home.. * I hope they hide as a hunter shot one yesterday. I know its hunting season... I just couldn't shoot one of these beautiful animals. They have been grazing all summer with a couple fawn.. " Run, Hide Bambi".
My husband does not hunt, thankfully & I do not like deer meat.
Headed out to pick some plums...yummy....

October 4, 2008

Here I am

I am new to this blogging .. I love the challenge to make my own.
It may take me some time and I will post some pictures eventually of my new farmlife, family and travels. I am taking a quilting class in November so I may have some other surprises top post. I love the country life and simplicity of getting back to the basics. I read, sew, craft, cook and spend time with friends & family.
It has been a dream come true to live here in Klamath Falls on our one little acre.
My husband & I are retired so we have Lots of time to do all the things we want to do here and are blessed to be able to travel when we want to do that. We visited Costa Rica in January this year before selling our home & buying our new one and moving from Arizona to Oregon in July.
I am known to my 6 grandchildren as gramma cheryl and my husband is papa clay.

My Story

Hello from Klamath Falls, Oregon.

I a grandmother of 6 soon to be 7 and 60 years old I think I do ok.
opps! I will be 61 in a couple weeks. Yikes!

My Husband & I bought our dream home in July this year. We are both retired and wanted a small one acre farm. I retired from social work in Arizona as the Domestic Violence Services coordinator for a non profit organization.
My husband owned & operated his own trucking business "Bluesky Mining Enterprises" hauling landscaping rock in Washington state.

Our families are grown and live in Washington State except my son & his wife who live in Colorado. My son is a magician by trade, and his wife is ( pregnant) a very talented artist. She paints beautiful murals for decorating purposes in peoples homes. My oldestdaughter works at Boeing as a project manager and is graduating in June 2009 with her masters in business management. She has a son 18 * who is also graduating from highschool in June. My son in law is graduating also with his masters in manufacturing engineering, he also works for Boeing.

My youngest married daughter and mother of 3 sons, 15, 7, 5 and step mother to a 15 yr old daughter is completing her teaching degree and is currently substitute teaching, she also graduates in June 2009. I am very proud of my children and grandchildren.

My husband has one daughter. She is getting married next year, ( I hope not in June) She & her fiance live in Washington as well.