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October 23, 2008

I think his daddy loves him

I am afraid to actually say this so soon, but Charlie is a baby who never cries. He squeeks a bit and squirms enough to let Mom know that he's ready for the lunchroom to open. After he eats he is a real gentleman, he minds his manners and entertains himself looking around at his new surroundings. He has had a few visitors and is the star attraction this weekend for his Daddy & mama to show off to their friends.

His daddy had to work today a few hours in his office here in charlie's house, Daddy sure had a time staying on task cuz he kept coming out of his office to see what Cahrlie was doing.. & wouldn't ya know it.. Charlie ended up in Daddy's arms... I think Dennis is consumed much as Michelle. Dennis keeps remarking on how much fun this baby is even though he was tired...I am sure Michelle is just as tired since she has the lunchroom duty. That was the comment he made this morning at 6:30 when he staggered to the coffee pot..

The home nurse visit was today and Charlie passed with flying colors. He is eating well, and the diapers are flying off & on as they should be. He lost a little weight before he left the hospital, but has gained a lot of it back and is at 9lbs 4 oz. today. So his mama is doing a great job keeping the lunchroom open.

He & his parents went for a short walk outside today after his lunch, He was snug as a bug in his new charriot. A real fancy set of wheels..

We have bottles of waterless hand washing gel placed strategically around the house so"No germs are allowed." His Dr has suggested that for the first week or so no school age children be allowed to visit, This will give Charlie time for his immune system to function 100%.

All I can say is What a little dumplin he is and I love him, and I am going to really hate to go home to Oregon..

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Nancy Cook said...

That is such a great picture! He just looks beautiful.