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September 2, 2010

More Information about the Lookout

Upon further investigation, I found a website where you can view other lookouts & forest service cabins offered in many states. 
The one we stumbled upon is described as:      Over by Medicine Lake area (just south of the Lava Beds National Monument), a white wooden lookout rests on 4-foot-high stilts atop a cinder cone known as Little Mt. Hoffman Lookout (7,309 feet
A small building, usually located at the peak of a summit, the lookout towers consist of a small room known as a cab and an optimum-viewing vantage point known as a view shed.
Within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest there are two lookout towers eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and outdoor lovers can behold a whole new view of the world by booking overnight stays in them.  I had no idea....

If interested the website is full of information, fees, reservations & restrictions  at
Hope you find this useful. When you get to the site  just put in keyword lookouts...