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November 14, 2008

Oregon is So Beautiful

Three beautiful picture of the many I took of where we were today. They are breath taking aren't they?

Clay & I were exploring areas within 50 miles of our house today to see where we could camp sometime next year. We found many nice campgrounds although most closed now for the winter. There are many designated snow parks along the way for snowmobiling, cross country skiing and sledding.

We had a very nice day. Since we had never taken this drive I had to capture a few pictures of the scenery we saw. There are several lakes in our area, not counting Crater Lake which is only 54 miles northwest of us.
1. Lake of the Woods only 30 miles away
2. Hyatt lake which is really close to Howard Lake only 40 miles away. The Mountain you see in the background is Mt Mclaughlin.
3. Our Klamath Lake only 2 miles from our house. No camping here but fishing.
The lake lies along Hwy 97. The train also travels along this lake to & from Canada to California. The fence you see keeps any big boulders from rolling onto the track.
We had a nice lunch at Hyatt Lake Resort that remains open all winter. A beautiful day today enjoying the drive here in Oregon. We are both so happy to have these places within a few driving miles to enjoy.
We are building a fire pit in our back yard so I will post the pictures of the rocks we hauled home when we start the project.