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My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

August 27, 2011

New clubs, ready to go...

 I did it.. After not having a club in my hand  for 6 years I made the decision to take it up again.. I used to play with my sisters and enjoyed it so much. When we moved to Arizona. I was working full time and had no free time to enjoy this activity. Yesterday My husband & I went to  the driving range and I actually did quite well I thought.. I did not want to  buy a used  set and I saw a sale on them at Big 5 Sporting ending today. I found these to fit the bill so now I have a new bag in a pretty purple color, shiny new clubs  and I'm ready to go to the the course.. We may go play tomorrow but for sure today it's back to test  these babies out. (I can return them if they are not perfect for me...) Of  course I  will need to be totally outfitted with shoes, and proper "Golf attire" once I get my swing back and yes, take a few  refresher lessons.... Well, a girl must  dress in style right?

Meanwhile, back at the "ranch" the new hens have been at it steadily. These first ones are small but they soon will grade as AA large.. It is good to be able to enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast again.. 

August 21, 2011

Now there is room...

I now have a nice clean craft room where I can work without moving "stuff" out of my way.. How It got so messy so quickly is beyond me.. (well not really  because i was stashing everything  in there and not using it for a while) But now I have plenty of room to bead. I added a table just perfect for the project at hand. My bead supply is growing and I am sure I need to make another trip to the bead store soon.. I am addicted for sure. I have three cases of bead jars full and a few more in tubes, along with wire, needles, patterns and crimping tools..I managed to put away my "other " crafts in the cabinet and when I need  to drag out those items they are easily accessed. In the mean time.. A beading  project takes priority. It sure is nice to have a quiet place  to work and it  only took me 3 hours to get everything organized and re arranged.. I did leave my ironing board up and sewing machine available just in case I need those..

Today was a lazy Sunday and after making two trips to the hen house I found two beautiful eggs. Thanks to Aster, Marigold, Rose, Lily or Daisy.. not sure who produced these  yummy  jewels.. but Happy they did..
( Did I tell you I named the girls after flowers?) I am sure the egg production will be increasing any day...looking forward to getting 4-5 a day soon.

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August 19, 2011

Squawking " Where is my nest?"

Squawk, Squawk, Mad at me.. I removed the old roost, the old nest boxes and replaced them in "Farmgirl Style"
While I was busy doing the major job, the 4 other hens were happy eating bugs in the garden. We opened it up to them and they love being out again, running to & from their coop. She finally settled down and found her new nest now draped in a cozy  quilt hung for "privacy". ( I used an old  carrying cage for the  nest room, it's bigger and easy access.)

I wonder how long before the other 3 sisters start laying. We are ready with One nest room.. They seem to only  use one so that's what they now have.

Last two picture are the size comparison with the older hens egg... also in the nest with golf balls...Stay tuned for  egg  2

August 18, 2011

Gift for my friend Leila

I completed my first necklace while in Washington. Thanks to my sister and friend who helped me.  I will tell you it has already been given as a gift to my dear friend Leila. ( She  picked out the beads and "loved them")  I made the aqua Russian Spiral bracelet for her too.that I posted I went back to the bead store and bought them, after she went home and  then added the copper beads and clasp. I hope she likes the finished necklace.  She will be surprised for sure. I have  must  get it in the mail today.
It was fun to do and I will  be doing more.. I am finding this to be a very relaxing hobby and will be spending more time in bead stores. I did get to go to the "Ship Wreck" Bead Store in Lacey Washington. OMG! what a store..I have never seen so many beads in one place. Good thing I do not live closer.. ( I do however have their catalog access!)

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August 6, 2011

It started with just one....

My sister fromArizona came to visit and brought with her a few of her latest creations. I Loved them and she  talked me into trying my hand at beading my own.  After finding a couple Bead stores here in Klamath Falls,
We gathered a few beads and needles and thread.. Well as you can see  a few turned into a LOT of glass seed beads.. and now I am hooked. I know where my extra pennies are going to be spent...
  The aqua one on the left is one she made and I made the lavendar one . Also the smaller Russian Spiral purple. * this was my first project*  Shown  by itself also...Now I have completed an aqua Spiral and a rust & gold one. I need to have her show me again how to connect the clasps... I will see her this next week when I go to Washington to my Moms house. Clay will be crabbing with a friend  while we entertain ourselves at beading..  The last picture is of the Bracelet I want to make next..  My Arthritis or carpel tunel in my wrist has flared a bit so I have taken a few days off... hopefully I will be able to make another  this week... I am Hooked!

I have had requests to make some to sell and if my hands will allow it. I will try to accommodate those requests.  Don't you think they are pretty? Now I must stay away from the bead store for awhile.. I plan to go to a great bead store in Washington on my way to mom's called "Shipwreck Beads."  Oh!  my husband is gonna love hearing this.....  Well, I need some more clasps & a few different  shaped beads to do the next project....  Stay tuned... for how that turns out..

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