Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

February 27, 2009

Good Morning "Billy"

It is a beautiful crisp sunny blue sky morning and 27 degrees here right now in Klamath Falls, A nice day to walk to get the morning paper. We were greeted by "Billy" the goat (we named him that) standing at the fence by the mail box. He is a friendly goat, although very lonely we think as he comes running to the fence we approach. He used to have a horse friend keeping him company but the horse has been pastured somewhere else. Occassionally a few hens and a rooster will hang out with him during the day. I snapped this photo as Clay & Buster feed him a few dog biscuits which "Billy" seemed to enjoy. We sometimes take him an apple as do our neighbors when they go get thier paper & mail. Of course Buster wanted more than his share and was ready to take it from Clay as it was offered to Billy. Buster said his goodbye to Billy as he does every day of the walk....He might be back later in the afternoon if he tags along to get the mail and off he runs ahead of us checking every hole he can find sniffing for any mice or mole friends hiding. He has quite a routine he follows everyday on the walk back home. Once he arrives home He will curl up in the sun room on the ottoman watching the birds at the feeder while Clay reads the local paper.