Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

December 31, 2010

Out with the Old ..In with the New

Good Bye 2010 
Hello 2011
It has been awonderful year here at "Blue Sky Farm". I have made such good friends, those who live here in Klamath Falls  as well as reconnecting with friends of the past and I  have met new blogger friends along the way.
Our Family has been blessed.   Life is Good..
Thank you to my blogger friends who visited and follow  this blog site and "This Hens a cookin". 
Many of you 
 left such warm and interesting comments. I welcome you to continue following me on them. ( by the way,  I have updated  cookin' blog today too so check it out too)
 I want to wish you all a great prosperous  New Year.
I try not to make resolutions ( I seem to always fall short of these expectations) so this year I will take it one day at a time, enjoying life as it comes my way. Be Thankful for each path and door that opens to me and wish you all the same. 
Be safe tonight wherever and whatever your evening brings. I will be enjoying a quiet evening with my dear husband and Buster reflecting on the past achievements and setting goals for the coming year...

December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010

To all my faithful followers and blogger friends . I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Winter Solstice or whatever you are Celebrating with your families and friends. I will be taking a short break from blogging... to go out of the state to  visit my family and friends for the remainder of the year.. If you are on the highways byways, railways,bus lines and or in the air.. May you have a safe journey and Celebrate the Love of the Season with joy. May you greet 2011 with inspiration and understanding of how our planet can be a better place to call home.. peace and good will to all....Cheers!

December 15, 2010

Oh Christmas tree....Oh Christmas tree

 How lovely are your  Branches!   Children... Here is our  Sweet Charlie, the  youngest addition to our family...He is 26 month old already. Where has the time gone? I really do wish we could be with him for Christmas this year.. to see the Holiday through his precious eyes.  This is the first Christmas tree  he is decorating .. Can you wonder what he is thinking about a tree in the house with  all those bright lights, bobbles and balls..he lives in Denver.  (a long way from Oregon) . I am hoping the plans for a Spring visit from them is still on the table for discussion......however  I am grateful for the many pictures his parents send. My wish for next year will be that we do share Christmas with him and his Dad, Mom  and his older Sister, ( she is visiting them from Washington State University)
This year we will be with our daughters and their husbands  and the other 3 grandsons in Washington. This  will make my Christmas complete. Many memories to Cherish, Photos to be taken, meals to share and homes full of love and stories later to tell.
Family is so important to me.. the old traditions change as our lives change and as our children move on with their own lives they do make traditions of their own. We send them into the world as it is and hopefully they can make it a better place..Christmas is one of the  times I remember those past Christmas' when our own children were small and how much joy they brought to us. If you are fortunate to be with your grandchildren this year kiss & hug them and enjoy the  laughter and excitement as they see it... They are this age only once....and ever so precious.

December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas Charming Chick Style

What a fun afternoon.. Here are some of the members of our Mary Janes Farm Girls Chapter in Klamath Falls, Oregon  
With 14 (of the17 members) all laughing women in a house can you imagine the noise level?   A true hen house! We meet monthly and sometimes more often just to checkout the antique shops and thrift stores, yard sales or just for lunch. We share with each other our "special talents" of sewing,  cooking, crafting, fiber spining, knitting, crocheting, raising pets, including chickens, dogs, cats, goats, llamas, horses, rabbits and sheep. (there is a farm girl in all of us) Some live on big farms, some on small and some don't live on a farm at all.   
We are involved in our community making donations to the Salvation Army, The food bank, and anywhere we can lend a farm girl hand. Some of our members have no family close to share times of tears and joys so we lean on each other. We have formed a loving friendship  a sisterhood as many of our children are raised and families live in other states. Some of us are retired but we all work hard to do our best to reduce, recycle and reuse. Making efforts where we can to make our planet a better place, while filling our lives with laughter and fun. Being a Farm girl is a "condition of the heart." If you would like to join a chapter or perhaps like me start your own. Check out MaryJanes Farm at There are chapters world wide waiting for you. 

It's Party time!

It's Party day!
I have almost everything wrapped. Annie and her friends are waiting patiently for Santa.
The gifts were wrapped with a roll of wallpaper I found in the thriftstore.. Added a paper doily & red ribbon. I wonder who those pretty gifts are for? Now I must get busy for the Charming Chicks Christmas get together today at noon.. I have Chocolate w/Peppermint Schnapps, Eggnog and Hot Buttered rum ready to serve. I think everyone will be "Happy".
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December 10, 2010

Making Christmas card lists, candy & cookies

Are you feeling the stress yet?   Buying  or making gifts, wrapping the gifts, decorating the house, slipping  in a party or two. oh yes, the Christmas cards need to be written & mailed too...along with the packages  headed out of town.    Those who know me are aware that Christmas and everything to do with it makes me Happy.... I love to decorate,  entertain friends & family, and sometimes find it a bit overwhelming as I believe many of you do too. This year I promised myself to "Chill a bit" and do things  slowly. Plan ahead and start each day with a small project.  I can bake a bit, wrap a bit, write cards and decorate a bit....There is plenty of time before that big day.  I baked today for an exchange I forgot about... * I guess I was so relaxed I forgot to put that one on my calendar... Cookies made easy.. Details for Betty Crocker to the rescue posted on "this hens a cookin".  One of my Christmas gift purchases arrived UPS today and that relieved another stress, I have learned that online shopping sometimes really saves time & with coupons & discounts I am within my Christmas budget.. So I can relax  and enjoy the next  few days... did I mention  My husband has a Birthday next week ? Just one more thing on the list and we are going to go out for a quiet dinner..  leaving me more time to bake for the holidays. did I forget anything... Probably but I still have 15 days...and a list that is getting shorter... I think..

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December 5, 2010

It's a Wrap!

I love to wrap Pressies! Have you wrapped your gifts yet, or are you like me just getting started?
I have a few to be mailed and those are ready to take to the post office.
Some we will deliver in person. That's always fun..
and when the postage gets a bit pricey,  I have those shipped by the services offered when I buy online.
I have been making my Christmas card list, and gift lists for family & friends & I am happy to report I am ahead of the game for a change. Yeah!
I do have some shopping to complete but I know what I am getting so that makes it easy.
I plan to spend a few days in the kitchen preparing some gifts.. Don't you just love homemade
gifts?. I think there will be a lot of "Love "flowing from my kitchen in the next couple weeks..
I also will be busy getting ready for the" Charming Chicks Farm girls"  Get together is next Saturday..
The decorating is almost done..(I Still have to get fresh  fir boughs for the porch railing) and want the inside to smell of Christmas too, so I will be buying more candles Spicy Cranberry, Pine & Vanilla are my favorites... Oh what fun!
Now, I need to go find Santa and give him my list... and Yes, I have been pretty good... Most of the year!
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December 4, 2010

Yes, we still have snow

Oh, what a pretty afternoon with Blue Sky over our  Blue Sky Farm. It is melting slowly but it is still pretty cold outside. This first picture is taken from the house facing west  and across the road looking at the hillside covered in untouched snow.  Second picture, as you come down our driveway from the road our tracks are visible as the snow begins to melt.  The third photo coming south along the house our shrubs are blanketed in a nice 4-5 inches of frozen snow. There are a few sunken tracks of Buster's and perhaps a deer. Now to the back of the house  here is the path to the "Girls' Coop. we found it still mighty slippery and covered in a nice layer of ice & snow.. That is one of our apple trees, I do hope the winter won't be too harsh on it and  that next Spring it and the other two trees will be full of blossoms for our bees to pollinate. We spent some time this morning before the sun was shining as bright as it is now cleaning out the coop and repairing the cage.
some how other birds are coming to the girl's "dinner table" uninvited and staying because they don't know how to find the exit. We were able  to patch a space or two in the cage area, but it is amazing how they can get through such small holes. I guess they prefer the chicken food over the bits we put in their feeders.(Or they are just picky eaters.) which ever it is every birds is taken care of ... they see to that.

December 3, 2010

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, Wouldn't you know it..

Well today started out pretty Good.. We ran some errands, after I made bread dough and left it to rise. Got home to beautifully raised dough.  I made two loaves of bread and a pan of Delicious Sticky Buns.( posted on this Hens a cookin Blog) go ahead go check them out. Click the side bar to go directly there.

So that's the Good...
 The BAD... As I had to taste one of the bun,  wouldn't you know it, I bit into a pecan and broke one of my front teeth! Didn't hurt but, and right now it doesn't...
Oh My  I can't go anywhere looking like this.. I cannot even show  you...
Its late Friday afternoon, * wouldn't you know it?" I do not have a dentist here in Klamath Falls  and cannot get into one  here as a new patient  until 8:30a Monday.
I have plans to meet with friends to go to a Craft Bazaar & Craft Fair tomorrow and I might still go, but  I won't be smiling, eating or talking  much.. Now tell me What's a farm girl to do?

December 2, 2010

23 days and counting!

Oh how I love Christmas! I am Counting the days now.. it could become overwhelming . It is snowing, the tree is finally full of decorations, the Christmas lights are hung my Bears & Raggedy Ann are waiting for Santa....I have more shopping to do and Oh my, the baking and wrapping gifts and some into the mail...and the list keeps growing...I don't want to be late..for this important date,  I can do this....I can ! Sometimes my expectations are too big...this year will be different...I am already ahead of the game....and I will be traveling to be with some of my family...I wish we could all be together but  maybe next year... but for today ....I will Breathe, Relax and Enjoy  because it is My favorite time of the year.....did I say how much I Love Christmas?

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December 1, 2010

"Birdie, it's warmer inside"...

If this real cold little Oregon Junco came inside there would be a warm spot
for him on my "Christmas Bird Branch". It is really pretty at night all aglow.
Thinking I must go get some tree boughs, but that means a trip to the mountains..I bet its pretty up there too...
Just may be a day to play in the snow. We got another 3 inches last night. more expected through Saturday.
It truely is beginning to look like Christmas here.

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I do Love Red!

 Now that the outside decorating is almost done,I  wanted to share the pictures of the latest kitchen project. We finally finished painting the kitchen this week. I really do like what the "red" did for the cupboards. Don't you?
Remember my sister helped paint the first wall back in September?  With Christmas coming and "pressies" to buy, wrap and mail I figured this project needed to be the first priority. Gradually I will get to the rest of the projects I have on my Decorating list, but for now I am pretty darn satisfied. I know Clay has a list of things he wants me to do but my "honey do list" is growing too, I wish the budget was a bit bigger.. But some things will wait til next year.. It's only a few weeks away..right? Perhaps, I should add a couple items to my Christmas list for Santa. .I have been pretty good this year...well most of the time...

November 30, 2010

Tada! Lights up!

 It started this morning with our 15 ft. ladder being too short. Thankful to our neighbor, he loaned us his boom truck.My gosh it was really cold & windy working out there...and then we found our first strings of lights were defective so after awhile they were sorted and we exchanged bulbs and finally got a string long enough to hang across the peak of the garage roof.. red & white bulbs...taking a warm up break.

 We  made a trip to town to get more lights to string across the garage door and for the two baby spruce trees in the front yard. Of course we needed extra extension cords and surge protectors. We decided on Green & Red lights for this part of the job.This took all afternoon.We were even more cold and glad to be finished. Now doesn't that look nice & Cheery? Time to go inside for a hot drink..and warm up..

The next project will be to get some fresh pine boughs for inside the house and the Entrance gate.. I think, unless I go get another string of lights & a star to place on the Blue Sky Farm Sign in the yard.. then I will be finished....I think.....well maybe not.. The chicken coop just may need some lights too...I think the" girls" would like that.....don't you?

 We are expecting more snow tonight. Don't you think the lights will be even prettier reflecting in the snow?

I believe....

Tree in Front room done. Love my angel...Next is the outside light chore.. and brrrr its cold out there.. More later..

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November 28, 2010

Starting to Decorate Blue Sky Farm

Today I started the decorating.. I have much to do but here is a peak at work in progress. I will be cutting some boughs this week, Placing them in and around the tub. (If you magnify the photo you can see I have  5 ducks waiting to be "Gussied up")  and then dragging out the lights.. Many strings to be strung and decisions as to what will get trimmed. I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. When I was a child my dad would  hang lights along the roof top and each year he would add a few more here & there. in trees, and along the driveway. Even though my children and grandchildren are away, and its just Buster Clay & me I have to do it.. I must have a tree and all the will come the tree and inside will be something different this year.. I think my tree changes each year depending on my mood and what inspiration I glean from magazines & store fronts.. I have my Charming Chicks coming on Dec 11th for our MJ Farm Girl Christmas Gathering so I must get  busy 
So stay tuned this is a true work in progress.... 

November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Time

 I feel very grateful for my camera and the places I travel with my husband. (Not necessarily in that order) He really makes the journey fun and will stop anywhere for me to capture the Kodak moment.... some are definitely better than others..but we do enjoy this new discovered hobby.  My children are not with me this year, They all have families and husbands families to share their holiday with, & this year is a year for us to spend with my husbands side..( Really happy to say I Love being with them) so that's another Thing I am Thankful for... It could really be bad if It wasn't this way..
We made it over the Cascade Mountain P ass to spend the Holiday with them in Woodburn, Oregon

What usually takes 5 hours to get here took a little longer.. 7.5 to be exact. It was not slow going entirely because of the compact snow & icy roads.. There was heavy Traffic from Eugene to Woodburn for some unknown reason with stop & go traffic and 20 mph speed. We did enjoy a short stop, hoping to capture a picture or two of the snowy forest. There was plenty of snow and Amazing shots for us to capture. These are a few fit for framing  I think...

I hope you all have a very Nice Thanksgiving with your family and friends and if you travel drive carefully.

November 23, 2010

Today at Blue Sky Farm

Well my blogging friends, here are a few pictures of Blue Sky Farm on this beautiful morning. At first, 
Buster didn't want to come with me to the coop, But I insisted he come along. He does like playing in the snow....Here he is waiting for me to open the gate to the back yard.  We found our car almost buried out front. When we got to the back yard,  it looked  so pretty although the snow was deep. These are my tracks in about 9 inches of white powdery snow....
We made it to the coop.... and look how warm these girls are. The coop is dry and a bit of sunshine is coming through the doorway from their yard. As you can see I disturbed  Blondie as she was tucked behind the burlap gather these two eggs.

 They  have been laying very well the past two weeks..even as the temperature dropped below freezing, I have been using a couple eggs a day and still have plenty for holiday baking. Some of these I will share with  my sister in law tomorrow when we travel to Woodburn for Thanksgiving . The Chickens will be cared for by our neighbor and they will gather the eggs. It really is nice to have good neighbors who are willing to watch things when we are gone.  
 I have bread dough rising and Buster is playing out in the snow.. Doesn't he  look like he is having fun? For now, I best stop here and take a look to see if  it's time to make the first punch down.... and pour myself a cup of hot tea....