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My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

December 1, 2010

"Birdie, it's warmer inside"...

If this real cold little Oregon Junco came inside there would be a warm spot
for him on my "Christmas Bird Branch". It is really pretty at night all aglow.
Thinking I must go get some tree boughs, but that means a trip to the mountains..I bet its pretty up there too...
Just may be a day to play in the snow. We got another 3 inches last night. more expected through Saturday.
It truely is beginning to look like Christmas here.

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Home In The Hollow said...

I do LOVE the red! It's my favorite too and, in fact, have it in some way or another throughout the house! I'm still jealous of the snow, Cheryl!!...:)JP

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I love the little Junco's!. They are all over the ground under the feeders, and I have to keep a careful eye on them as the cats have free range outside. Not too much to worry about as they don't much care for this wintery weather we are getting!