Blue Sky Farm

My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

July 31, 2010

Spectacular Escape

I couldn't pass up these opportunities to capture  Beauty at its best. The first two photos  are the skyline Sunday evening  from our back patio porch.

Tuesday,  we decided to go to Crescent Lake to camp for a few days. The weather was really nice and warm and after we set up our camp in this prestine setting I took these shots.

 As we were breaking camp yesterday morning I spotted these "Common Meganzers" swimming past our campsite...

Truely a great three days, We spent a lot of time on the lake fishing  and cruising (although we didn't catch even one fish). Enjoyed the time in the sun and fresh air, leaving at home  our stressors. Truely a great escape don't you agree....? This coming weekend we head to Washington State for a week. I will post more pictures when I return of that trip.

July 24, 2010

Wildlife at Blue Sky

As long as we have lived here at BlueSkyFarm, (this is our third summer.) I still feel amazed when I see the wildlife that resides here and the many migrating birds that stop to drink from our small pond. The deer are my favorite I think.

This morning as I sat on  the front patio I was greeted with a pair of does and their fawns grazing just to the side of the pond.  By the time I got my camera, One mama & her baby wandered into the near by juniper trees, but I did get this photo of the other pair.

Yesterday, we spotted this Egret perched absove the pond where it ate small fish that swim in the water. It is a great place here, just to sit quietly and enjoy our small piece of Heaven dont you think?

July 20, 2010

A calm morning to fish

But nobody told the fish to come nibble on our bait.. No fish for dinner tonight.. But Look how nice the water was.

This was Busters spot to be on the boat.... He had to keep an eye out on any possible sighting

... Later  after lunch at the lodge, we took him to another close lake ( after the wind blew us again off the Odell Lake.) He loved chasing sticks at Crescent Lake. It is only about 3 miles from Odell.. We are so lucky to live near so many great lakes.  We will head home  after another attempt at fishing in the morning.. Folks here say that the wind will kick up again around noon and the whitecaps will reappear.. A good time for us to say goodbye for this trip...... But a tent- camping adventure awaits us at Crescent in afew weeks....

July 19, 2010

Odell Lake Lodge

Clay & I decided to take a couple days & go fishing at Odell lake. We have passed this Lake many times on our way to Portland, never stayed here. We booked a couple nights in a cabin here overlooking the lake on the east side. This is the view from our rustic cabin at 1Pm right after we returned from our first attempt to catch that BIG fish. We Didn't catch anything but decided to have lunch and return. To our surprise the wind came up and spoiled our plans. Those are whitecaps on this beautiful lake.

We will give it another go tomorrow. In the mean time we will sit back & relax, read a book and enjoy the quiet of the evening.


July 13, 2010



My veggie garden

The two variety Beets and 2 variety Potatoes are growing well..  a few   sunflowers and 3 varieties of pepper plants. 6 tomato plants with nice size tomatos on them.. Lettuce and peas. This is all I planted and with our beautiful watm weather they are looking very good don't ya think? I have a few herbs planted as well Basil & rosemary, parsley and thyme. I am happy this year with just this amount. Leaves me free to have fun this summer with little garden maintence.

July 12, 2010

Entertaining the grandkids

How much more fun could they have? I do hope these past few days have imprinted good deposits in the boys "fun at grandpa & grandpa's memory bank"They have returned to their own home today and although a long hot drive they will be glad to be home to their own summer routine of play and preparation for the upcoming football season. Their Mom is so dedicated to keeping them involved in sports programs. I do not know where she gets the energy...
Buster and I are exhausted.

July 8, 2010

Keeping a 9 year old grandson

After seven days this becomes a challenge to keep Peyton entertained. He Brought along his scooter and since our weather changed to Summer he enjoyed playing in the sprinkler to cool off.  We went out to the lake yesterday and he fished, and drove the boat. We filled the refrigerator with food he likes. Fish Sticks, Brocolli, cheese sticks, apples, kiwi. Mac & Cheese. ( any form of  salad? No way). Every trip to the grocery store we manage to pass ( directly) the bakery for him to get a "free cookie" and I managed to steer him away from the candy aisle. (Ok I did give in to some gummy bears and red vines.) Some cheese & cracker snacks and a box of animal crackers. A box of frozen fudgebars and a small container of ice cream. He has been a real delight. Of course we have to keep the wii game available and plenty of unsugared drinks. His bedtime routine was altered since he is here, bedtime is 10 pm and he reads for about 10 minutes and falls a sleep until 9am. I find it amazing how he is able to play his brothers PSP ( btw thats short for "play station portable " and he also brought along a DSI but I have no idea what that stands for).

He earned some money helping grandpa & me so he was able to add a few dollars to his own cash and he spent $39.99 on a Pokeman game that he had to have.. Surprised that Gramma let him use his own money..Well he would have liked me to pay for it but I held my purse strings tightly. What happened to the simple games we used to play, Yatzee, Monopoly, Uno, or even Dominoes?  He brought along a camera ( took 3 pix) a circle a word book and 2 reading books..
He has begged me to play "Clue" tonight because he found it  among a few "old games" in the cupboard. So I guess thats what I will be doing later....He has been a joy to have visit but thank goodness his mom and little brother will be here by the weekend.. I will be ready for a rest come Monday morning.  Of course the house will be quiet again & we will definately notice.

July 2, 2010

A great time then & Now

Well I made it home at last... it was a great trip... Charles Nash VanderHouwen was so cute. He is 20 months and growing so fast and learning so much. I sure wish he didn't live so far away.  Dennis & Michelle have moved into a perfect home for them.  I will post pictures later with our Fourth Of July weekend with Peyton 9 year old grandson who came home with me for a visit. Company coming for the next few days so we will be busy.