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October 10, 2008

Friday Morning but No snow!

Another cold morning, but no snow. Cloudy & a bit windy 38 degrees but sunny right now at 11 am.
It was predicted but thankfully it didn't fall. I heard maybe today again but only 30% and that may well be only in the higher areas.

The deer are bedded down on the hillside behind the house, under the juniper trees & prairie grasses & wandering only a few feet grazing on shrubs close. A bit jittery I think since deer season is here and hunters are about.

I canned 6 more jars of Italian prunes this morning and that take care of the remaining I had.
Will make some more bread today. Priced it yesterday in the store nearly $4 a loaf, for a healthy & wholesome loaf, not the cheaper white fluff.
We are really working on reducing our household costs here as winter sets in, with our economy where it is. It is a challenge for everyone I am sure.
Bought energy saving light bulbs yesterday and gleaned the remaining beets and peas from the garden.

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