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November 7, 2008

My Nancy is almost 40

This is my first born daughter. She will be 40 in a few weeks.. I am very proud of her, she is attending grad school and will graduate in June from the University of Washington. She is married & has a very intellegent son Jacob. He will graduate from highschool with his AA as well. I am not sure he has decided on a college yet, but I think he has narrowed it to a couple choices. Nancy's husband just became an American citizen . This entry is not about him or her son, however.
Let me say that I never thought Nancy would become as domestic as she has proven to be. She does work full time at Boeing in Everett WA. as a project manager, working with mostly men. *That has been an interesting position for her* You can read all about her on her blogsite "My Home Cook N Blog " linked to this site as a follower. ( her site is hidden under that adorable baby picture she posted.) Did she know that is one of my favorite pictures of her?
She is beautiful and she has a wonderful sense of humor and some of the childhood memories will never be forgotten, *the teen age years were something I am glad are over*
We talk at least once a week and it is so nice to have her visit. She has great insight and wisdom for a young woman, ( takes after her mom.) Isn't it funny how when kids grow up they actually appreciate what you sacrificed for them? It's great that you don't have to say "I told you so".
I look forward to sharing Thanksgiving with her and her family when they join us Thanksgiving & to celebrate her 40th birthday.. oh My I really feel old now. Well, now that I have posted a tidbit about her I will have to tell you about my #2 daughter PJ on another future blog entry.

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