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December 5, 2008

Our schedule is full....

Clay & I went to the cinema late yesterday afternoon, This was our first trip to the theater here in K-Falls.
We were surprised at how many people were in attendance, big for our small town. The theater is named "Pelican Cinema 10 "
White Pelicans habitate here, and many businesses are using "Pelican" in their trade names.
We saw "Australia" with Nicole Kidman and good looking Hugh Jackman. A very good movie. After filling up on popcorn & soda pop * (you know you gotta have it when you go to the movies ) so we ate a late dinner when were got home. A really good chili verde that Clay made yesterday morning. We have enough to freeze today with the Turkey Noodle soup I made earlier. Stocking the freezer some more.
I have been baking, cooking, drying so much food that I am actually closing the kitchen this weekend. A new restaraunt has openned in town and We are going to check it out tomorrow night. We have tickets to a play by the Linkville Players, a local troupe also tomorrow night.
Clay & I wanted to take a drive up to Crater Lake to checkout the snow too, so we will relax & play for the next couple days.


Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Hi there! SOunds like you two are going to have some great times!
MJF girl Queenofquitealot

Nancy Jo said...

You have been busy. Yes love those small town theaters.
Thank you so much for the Christmas card. One of my first.