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December 6, 2008

Crater Lake, Birds, & Barn Photo shoot

We did infact take that drive up to Crater Lake yesterday. It is only 54 miles from our house. It was a beautiful sunny day here, although cold , I think it was 19degrees this morning and so far no snow here and not a lot of snow up there. Well, not as much as there will be in a few more weeks. The Lodge is closed and the restaraunt but the information center and the cafe & gift shop are open year round. The lodge was first opened in 1915 but renovated in the 1990's.
Crater Lake was created after Mt. Mazama errupted in 7,000 years ago. The volcano collapsed to form Crater Lake. If you could gather up the ash from Mt Mazama's catastrophic eruption and spread it evenly across the state of Oregon it would form a layer 8 inches thick.
Buster loved playing in the snow and had to "sniff "every tree and explore a lot of holes. He chased snowballs & provided quite a bit of entertainment for us. I tried several times to get a photo of him but he was on the move to quickly. Here I managed to get a quick shot before he took off after a chipmunk.
I am trying to find some great barns to photo so I can make a gallery of old barns on the family room walls. This one had to be captured.

and leaving the National Park , we got a few shots at a couple Clark Nut Crackers

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Paige said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I'm jealous of the snow that everyone has already received this year. Here in southern Kentucky we usually don't get much, but maybe the tables will turn this year. It's already been much colder than the past few. Your dog is cute as can be also!

(mommy 2 a charli girl & bless ewe primitives)