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December 10, 2008

"Christmas won't be Christmas without presents"

I was thinking today, about Jo March in "Little Women". Remember, she was grumbling about not having any money for presents?
Christms is about gifts, always has been. This year I decided I would not over do but make gifts for my family. (actually it was a decision brought on by one of my daughters & son's discussions with me on the economy and how it was effecting us.)
We convinced the youngest daughter to go along with our idea of making or purchasing gifts from a thrift store. She really didn't like the idea because in her mind she had already had an idea for gifts. After talking to her about her gift idea It was revealed that she unconsiously had already decided on an economical alternative to buying gifts. Funny we sometimes can't see the forest through the christmas trees.
Every year I remember Christmas with memories of Christmas's past. I try to reconstruct some childhood magic, it becomes overwhelming I suppose at times, but somehow Christmas comes and goes with a blink of the eye. All the preparation of making a christmas cardlist, spending money on postage and then always forgetting somebody, gift making and wrapping, baking tons of cookies and candy adding more pounds to my butt, to say nothing of the recipes that do not turn out looking just like Martha's. Decorating the house inside & out. Replacing burned out light bulbs can be a full time job as we continue to get caught up in the Christmas chaos.
Oh yes, Christmas is all about gifts. Gifts that surprise, gifts that delight, gifts that nurture the souls of us the giver and those receiving. Perfect gifts, authentic gifts, recycled gifts and gifts we push into those cute christmas stockings we hang up each year.

And just when we are absolutely sick of Christmas the after-Christmas sales start when I can purchase next years gift wrap, cards and holiday decorations at 1/2 price. If I don't have something for everyone on my list by now there is always Ebay and my sewing machine is still set up....or I can stoop to buying a gift card... I wonder is it too late to request a gym membership or if I should have a hot buttered rum and just listen to some Christmas music? Let me think about it for awhile....I still have 15 days til Christmas.

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