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My blogging posts and photos are part of me . I think of this as a scrapbook of my life. The names have not been changed.. they are real people who have crossed my path along my journey. Some I know intimately, my family and friends. If their names are mentioned it's a sure sign they are special to me and I love them dearly...come along see for yourself, perhaps you know some of them too..

May 30, 2010

Gated garden ~ Finally ready to plant

The girls were unhappy I had chased them out of the garden area today. We finished fencing  & put a gate at the entrance by my potting  bench and thats the end where their studio also is, and easy access to give them garden clippings as the vegetables begin to grow. We  have to keep them out now that we are ready to plant potatoes, beets, peppers, peas.  They will get plenty of the garden goodies as I weed and

they have plenty of area to roam & snatch up those yummy bugs & grubs chickens love. The earthworms in the garden are mine for now. As you can see 3 left and headed out to the field next door and these three hung around just incase mama left the gate open.. Sorry chickies "It's just Not  happening".


Tami said...

Beautiful chickens!

Gail said...

Lookin' good. Now the fun will begin. At least in a couple of weeks when we no longer will frost.