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September 13, 2011

Let the canning season begin

Well here  was my first preserving of Dilly beans. Only 5 pints  ready but I am sure more will be calling to be put up  this week. I planted heirloom tomatoes this year and I have been eating them as they ripen. They are so much better tasting than others I have planted. Basil is ready to be made into pesto too. The hens were out in the yard today feasting on  yard bugs & grubs. They are all laying now and I am getting 3-4 eggs a day. They are such good girls..So I let them out into the yard for an afternoon treat.


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Junebug said...

Thanks for stopping by and your beans look yummy. My beans didn't cooperate with my vacation so I blanched them and put them up in freezer bags. We will see how I like them this year. I'm thinking of going to pick some apple soon at my sisters and make some applesauce and apple pie filling. Oh, I just love this time of the year. Are your farm chicks coming this way for that festival? Take care and happy canning!

Marla and Steve @ Always Nesting said...

Oh how I wish I knew how to can! Those tomatoes look soooo good.When we went to Yakima to help daughter move they are famous for their peaches so I made freezer jam but it came out runny :(

Just wanted you to know, also, that I'm not going to keep the always nesting facebook page. It's taking too much of my time and I'd rather just be working on my blog and Pinterest. Seems like I always have more good intentions than I do hours in the day.

Pen Pen said...

I canned a little back when my kids were young. I guess I did it more for 'fun' than anything. I would like to get back into canning one day. There is such a sense of satisfaction when you see your canned goods all lined up, so clean and so pretty! Your chicks are going great, too... you are such a farm woman. I love to look at farm wife blogs!

Marla and Steve @ Always Nesting said...

It's Meeeee :) Our daughter moved to Yakima. Her sweet young hubby is a youth pastor at a church in Yakima.