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September 4, 2010

Project ..Paint and Repair

Buster is busy watching , That is his job... Watching..  
It is repair & paint time at Blue Sky Farm. You know how one project appears and all of a sudden inspiration kicks in and well, It happens to  me often, and I have slipped into full gear. Clay worked on repairing the back walkway today. The previous owners had placed nice brick work in the front yard and with these left over bricks designed a 4 ft wide walkway from the back stairs deck down the back side of the house. I have plans to extend those and my husband & I will build a patio deck off to the left connecting the stairs. Hopefully before snow falls.. Today the bricks had to be reinforced with cement because  they are falling. I think he made a great start.....I can see a flower bed along those bricks too...come Spring....
I have now chosen paint colors for my kitchen, and guest  bathroom & purchased the paint already. The trim in both rooms will be the lighter of the three chips. I have recruited help from my younger sister who will be visiting in a couple weeks.. I think I am on a roll. I wonder what project I can come up with next.. maybe a storage building?..I am talking like a small barn....12x12 . What do you think? Oh yea, we are going to be busy this fall... I am sure glad my husband is such a good sport, and is willing to get his hands dirty.
I love Red so my main wall color around my big kitchen window will be the red, the trim vanilla cream  and perhaps the bigger wall the tan( toasted marshmellow)  color.. it will also be the guest  bathroom color... I better start looking for new throw rugs and bath towels...don't ya think?


Anonymous said...

I love those colors. Red is my all time favorite - clothes, shoes, home stuff.

You are certainly going to be busy with all your plans. Isn't it funny how one project leads into another then another.

Mary said...

Those bricks look great so far...and how pretty they will be with flowers next spring.

Lillie Mae Acres said...

That's going to look so good out there with the brick walway and then a patio. I LUV the colors pf oaint you're thinking about, those are some of the colors I've been using on projects these days. Our master bdrm is peanut butter w/ one colonial red accent wall, white moulding/trim work.
You're like us, fall is the time for outdoor projects and repairs.

Gail said...

Sounds like a lot of work with pretty results. Have fun.