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March 30, 2010

Pretty...but March is going out like Lion

Going out like a Lion...March is almost over.... and this is what I awakened to this morning.. It soooooo Pretty when the sun is shining on the property but I am still looking for spring flowers and warmer days... rain & more snow predicted for tonight & maybe tomorrow & then  the 4th month of April will show her face in a couple days along with possible rain and those pretty May flowers , or so the poem reads... What's it like in your corner of the world today?


Junebug said...

You are so right about going out like a lion!! We got poured on yesterday. It will take awhile for the ground to dry out so no yard work this week. But the weeds will like it, dang it!! At least snow is very pretty to look at, not like mud! This weather has kept me in the sewing room in the evenings. Hopefully I will get something accomplish!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Pretty much a beautiful week here! One of our warmest weeks in 6 months so I am not complaining! By Thursday it should be 80 F, but the weekend brings some cooler temps. LOVIN' this!

Diana said...

Wow snow! That usually happens here. It's been in the twenties, but warms up during the day. We've been having some real gusty winds for the last couple of days. I've been trying to clean out the raspberies, but the wind really makes it hard to work out side. For inside stuff, I'm sarting some seeds, and I'm really looking forward to watching those grow while i'm waiting for the warm weather.

mtnchild said...

Yesterday I woke to 4-5 inches of snow!!! Then a bit more during the day, and some 1-2 inches this morning. I am sooo ready for spring. The cold this year has really affected my arthritis and I always seem to be cold!

Have started a few seeds indoors, but I will be planting them in a friends garden as I just don't get enough sun anywhere in my yard. I never thought I'd complain about trees, but ... sometimes.

Callie said...

We are having rain and snow. Go figure. April is being a trickster.