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April 6, 2009

A Broody Mama

I am learning a lot about raising chickens, Again today Miss Goldie has decided to sit on her nest all day long.. She was setting there all day yesterday too.. I sneaked in and removed the one and only egg that she so "motherly"sat on. She pecked at me as if to say "Excuse Me, there is big business going on here"
Now I know what a Broody hen acts like... and the secret is I moved her to another nest and there is nothing under her. Not even the plastic egg we used to get her to nest inthe first place... Of course since she is "hogging " the nest the other two hens are nestless. Happily foraging the premises of Blue Sky Farm yard. What's this Chicken mama to do?
Tomorrow if she remains on guard I will again move her and not let her back in the nest so the other two can deposit their little packages of gold. ( we are down to two eggs in the fridge. )We do not have a rooster so no chance of any babies in this Hen Studio until I bring in the newest chickies home that are temporarily enjoying their " sleeping over" with Gail's babies. The only good thing I can see is that if we do get a Papa Rooster our Miss Goldie will be a great protector of her babies....

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Brenda Kay Ledford said...


This is an interesting post about "Miss Goldie". I have always loved baby chicks and wish we could have some, but our dog would eat them. He's so jealious of other animals and if I give them attention. You have a great blog.