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March 3, 2009

It's a Man's castle but run by a Woman !

Moving into a house can mean decorating woes, When we got married, almost 3 years ago I really didn't think about what my husband would like or not like in our home decor, I never even thought about it... Our home was a mixture of our things from previous lives...and I am not an interior decorator. I found I was faced with a situation: I knew what I liked but now I have a husband to work around. We do like some of the same things and others I don't dare to even mention... His biggest fear is overloading and clutter... and I know I could cutesy the house to my farm girl liking only to have an unhappy husband. I think this is too bad, Some guys just don't get it, "A home is a mans castle but.. A woman runs that castle."
I have an eye for color and coordination, but I wouldn't begin to tell him how to decorate the garage... It is "our" home and we both need to like whats up or down.. After moving to this home from our home in Arizona, we realized that it has much bigger walls. I bought these pictures for our Dining room -Family room entrance. The best part was he also likes them.
I think they are perfect pictures to put on these adjoining rooms wall. Vegetables & fruits. Quite nice size for the wall space. The fruit ones face the family room & the vegetables face the dining room. Just another decorating project I have been working on. I want to find the perfect piece for the main family room wall.. and have not begun looking for it. I am sure when I do, it will be something We both like and ( I can always change it if he ever decides to move out into the garage ...but there still better be room for my car.. )

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Nancy Cook said...

cute pictures. I like 'em.