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March 11, 2009

Great! Now I have a baby brother!

Yes, Its me Buster....

I just wanted to let you see what My mom & dad brought home. They told me it was my job to teach him all my good tricks! Then I will get some treats from Mom.

His name is Auggie and he is just a baby, 4 months old. He is going to be bigger dog than me, but dad said I was still the number 1 dog. Auggie is a lab/border collie. I don't know what that means, cuz I am a cockapoo. I am going to be 3 in August so I will always be the big brother.

It will be a big job training Auggie not to chase the chickens, where to poop and that means Outside! Our Mom will get upset if she has to clean up puppy poo.. *I think dad will be in the doghouse then too.

Auggie doesnt know how to play my games yet, but I will teach him if he doesn't cheat and hide my toys. Little brothers I understand can be pests!

So here is his picture: He is laying in the sunshine. (he better not try to get in my chair!)
I already have to share my water bowl with him... but thats ok. I guess cuz having a brother to play with here on The Blue Sky Farm just might be more fun. I will for sure let you know how this new kid is working out...(.I wonder where he will sleep tonight?)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Congratulations on a beautiful addition to the family!
BTW, where did you get the MJF button/badge? I'd like to put one on my blog.

Nancy Cook said...

Welcome to the family, Auggie Dog.

Beemoosie said...

Auggie, congrats on your new little brother. It will be wonderful, and you will do well!

frolicnfibers said...

Congrats on your new baby brother Buster, I'm sure you two will have lots of fun. And welcome Auggie Dog! Hugs, Diana Rasmusson (frolicnfibers on MJF)