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February 5, 2009

Spring arrived in my Kitchen

Spring arrives early with forced bulbs in my kitchen.
See them on my pretty Springy tablecloth.
I love the four Seasons and hopefully soon it will be the beginning of all four. I could not wait for Mother Nature so I tricked these bulbs and I started these a few weeks ago in my kitchen window in a cute crock I bought at the thrift store. Now they greet me standing so tall every morning with their sweet pretty blooms and they smell so fresh. I catch a whiff as I walk past my kitchen table.
Paper whites have small delicate blooms, so they look best when clustered in arrangements of six or more. While they have delicate blooms, paper whites don't require as much precise care as other bulbs. Simply plant the bulbs as described earlier. Place in a cool sunny location, and in four to six weeks they'll begin their show.
You can even force paper whites in gravel and water in a container without drainage holes. Allow for 1-2" of gravel under the bulbs. Place the bulbs on the gravel and add enough gravel to hold the bulbs in place. Then add water until it reaches the base of the bulbs only. Maintain the water at this level throughout the growing process.

1 comment:

cedarpond said...

Flowers in the winter time kitchen are so pretty aren't they ? I have never forced bulbs but every year tell myself I will.

I do remember actual seasons in Klamath Falls, unlike the 2 we have here.....rain, and NOT rain. But I do love the rain too!