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February 23, 2009

Skin care from the kitchen

Delicious Magazine caught my eye at the natural food store the other day. I picked up a complimentary copy when I read "Skin Care from the kitchen". I think I have spent $100's of dollars over the years on manufactured skin care products. Some I found very good and I was even a "beauty consultant" for a short time, teaching skin care and using their products.

Oh I have had many "make overs" department store cosmetic counter displays often reach out and grab my attention screaming temptation to purchase yet another facial scrub, toner, replenishing moisturizers whit the promise of "youthful healthy skin".
Well this farmgirl is over 50, over weight (a bit) over spent on skin care products.

Today as I try my best to do my part in preserving the planet and taking care of my body by nurturing it organically I realized after reading the artical by Gina Demillo Wagner I have some very good natural products in my kitchen cupboard. In the spirit of finding the fountain of youthful skin and the miracle of a new younger looking me and not spending more money I will give nature a try.
A look in my mirror shows that I have dry , dull skin. I know that during the winter months my skin is not producing enough natural oil to protect it against the daily harsh elements. Dry skin is alo prone to wrinkles and lines. First I have started drinking more water. Surprising enough I have a great make up remover..Olive Oil. It is not as expensive as cosmetic make up removers ant it helps moistens my face every night. I must admit sometimes I forget to do this, Perhaps I need to keep a bit in my vanity cupboard next to my wine glass...(The wine is used to relax me when I am in the bubble bath after a stressful or cold day.)
For oily skin a recommended skin recipe for :

A light weight protein mask

2 egg whites

in a bowl beat the whites until frothy. Generously to clean , dry skin, concentrating on the oiliest part of your face, typically the forehead, nose and chin. Do not rub in, leave on for 15-20 minutes and rince. Do this once ot twice a week. Protiens in the whites absorb oil and improve skin's firmness. If you are a vegan or allergic to eggs substitute with cucumber puree'. Just wash an unpeeled cuke, spread evenly over your face. Astringent cucumber is a natural cleanser that helps remove excess oil and leaves skin feeling toned.

Aging Skin To to slow the signs of aging use a daily toner. Apple Cider vinegar's acidic and antiseptic properties help generate new cells by promoting circulation in the small capilliaries that feed the skin. After toning apply a fruit based mask rich in vitamin C which helps prevent wrinkles & maintains elasticity.

Gentle daily toner:

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup water

In a large bowl dilute vinegar & water ( for sensitive skin use one part vineagr to 4 parts water.) Apply to face witha cotton ball avoiding eyes.

Fruit Mask

3 prunes

2 cucumber slices

Pit the prunes and mash in abowl until smooth. Spread over clean dy skin, avoiding eyes.

Once the mask is applied place fresh cold cucumber slices over your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Leave mask on for 20 minutes: rinse clean. Do this once or twice a week.

So there you have it.. now scoot on into your cupboard and see what is waiting for you...and don't forget the wine if you are taking a bath.


Carol............. said...

OK...but I LOVE prunes and would probably try licking the mask off my face...therefore stretching out my tongue!

I have used the vinegar and water toner and it really makes your skin feel clean.

sunnyday's said...

I find that if you do not look in a mirror or step on a scale you will feel great. It works for me.