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January 30, 2009

That Big Game!

I woke up this morning thinking about what I could say today in my blog...I don't know why my thoughts ran to Football, I do not watch the sport just because I do not understand a lot about of the game. I know it looks like it might hurt to play it, otherwise why do they wear those helmets and pads covering their bodies? but, For football fans, winter means only one thing: The Big Game and Sunday February 1st,2009 will be no exception. Arizona vs. Pittsburg. Will it matter which team wins? Some have never watched these teams play but I am sure in family rooms people will gather, the game will be on and when a touchdown is scored, or when a player gets hurt, cheers will ring out, and replays of that great or not so great play will be repeated over & over until the next. That’s another thing about sports I do not understand …why so many repeats. Isn’t once or twice enough? But It is a wonderful time to do what people love to do ..Eat, drink and be happy.

Sadly I do know that statistics show that this Game day is the biggest day for Domestic Violence, and alcohol is one of the contributing factors and I know the beer companies will pay the price to advertise their brews . Oh, those great commercials, Some of those I do like, some are quite funny, but not for 3million dollars for a 30 second spot. Who said our country was in economic trouble? I have no doubt there will be many companies that will pay that too, along with some of the things I enjoy the Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Freito- Lay and other chip companies as well.
I do not mean to be so negative on this subject, I just do not understand the hype. I think a lot of other people maybe think like I do with so many people out of work, and our country is in this horrible state. On a brighter side, I suppose for some it boosts their moral to think that we are lucky to have what we have and Just think, Monday February 2nd starts a new week and for those who care…its Ground Hog Day…but do I hear Cheers and Celebration plans?

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Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Great post! We aren't into Super Bowl Sunday or football. Nice not to have football run the house, plus it is on Sunday, the Lords day for us. Anyhoo, have a nice weekend!

Farmgirl Hugs,
Maryjane Lee #44