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January 22, 2009

Is it A Chicken Obsession or a just a Collection?

I am hooked...I admit, but I do not have a problem.. I can stop anytime...(I think).

Actually I started collecting "Chicken stuff " a long time before I actually owned real live with feathers chickens. I do have a lot of chicken things in my kitchen and in my diningroom. To name a few I have several straw & paper mache' chickens, a nice ceramic Rooster that my mom gave me for my birthday sits proudly in my kitchen window. Wooden placques, tin prints, a vintage glass candy dish, salt & pepper shakers, even chicken embroidered dishtowels. The beginning of a collection. One of my favorite possessions is this vintage wooden chicken crate that my sister in law surprised me with. She bought it on Ebay and had it delivered to our home in Arizona. You cannot imagine the size of the box! I raised live chickens when my children were younger, but that was years ago. ( I had a cow collection at that time.) Today my collection grows, chicken plates on the wall, chicken placemats on my kitchen table that my sister made me, My very dear friend painted a three legged stool with a chicken. That rooster in the picture is made of styrofoam & feathers, I purchased him last summer, He looked so real, (well you know, I had to have him and afterall I only had one) but those two will probably be the only roosters I will own because you can have too many know that. Another sister gave me a really nice tray for Christmas this year and my son & his wife gave me a new wire chicken egg basket. (I collect baskets too, but that's another blog story) It will be handy to collect those precious eggs in. I guess I really am just "chicken hearted". I do love them, I could sit and watch my four hens for hours. A dear friend in Washington called me last Sunday, (the one who painted the chicken stool, ) she is changing her kitchen decore.. so guess what? Yep, She offered me her collection...of course I could not refuse such an offer....I am going visit her in March, now I must find display space and I may have to rent a truck to get them all home....


Carol............. said...

Hey...That rooster is great! And you may not have invented the soap recipe but you did put it on your blog to share so I'm giving you the credit..without you posting it I'd still be in the "Dark Ages of Laundry!" ha ha ha. Looking forward to July!

(And you can plug my blog regarding your new header.)

Later, fellow chicken lover!

Charlie's Parents said...

Ah yes mother and her chickens...

I suppose I have a similar collection of chickens myself..Not as large and all of mine are rubber chickens.

I have enough please don't feel I need anymore..